Monday, March 26, 2012

Trying to slow down a bit

Everyday is a gift and many times more then I want to admit I am so caught up on getting things done that I forget to enjoy moments. Above is Jaden and Lauren (who by the way looks about 8 in the picture) were helping with the yard. When I looked back at my pictures I was taken by how grown up they both looked.
This week I think I have been reminded that I need to not get so caught up in what needs to be done. Moving and then remodeling has been a rude awaking. It is a lot of stress at once for any family to pick up and move but to remodel on top of that has new meaning. I had a friend remind me this week that life is not a sprint it is a marathon. So very true and what I needed to hear. Everything is going well and we are making tons of progress but I miss my family just being a family. Every weekend we have more to do then any family could ever get done. This weekend we went to the mall for a break but then I was reminded of getting Easter clothes and that I need to prepare for that...A mothers work and mind never has a chance to put the brakes on. I told Rob tonight that after all of this big stuff is done I want to enjoy just being us as a family again without thinking about what to do next. It has been good for me to realize that just because a house may look like a magazine that doesn't really bring the most joy to me. I love my home and want it to be beautiful but I love my family way more then it takes redoing this house. So I am going to take it day by day. They are growing so fast. I wish I could remember each day like it was yesterday and ever funny thing that passes their sweet smiles. We still have been having some fun amongst all the work.Jaden is my little scientist. I love how he puts his lab coat on to view his microscope.Flowers came up early this year can't complain about all this sunshine!!Cute DrewFlat Stanly came to visit us from Arkansas. I sent him back home to Greenwood.Jaden my outdoors man is digging for salamanders. This is something new for us so many advantages to living near woods. We have had a few issues too not so good with a wood pecker pecking a huge hole in the house.I first thought it was a snake it moved so fast. Harmless and loads of fun for the kids they are enjoying the animals.Progress on the kitchen, only a couple more days. Then onto the counters and the floors. My dad volunteered to help with our floors. (God Send, thank you so much!!) I could not salvage much of the floor due to the cabinets not lining up like the old ones did so onto a new floor.I just love it all, so awesome!! Can't wait to finally cook and eat in this room. I better get some rest but wanted to update.

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