Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kitchen Extreme Makeover Part 1

Hey friends, Monday was the big day to start the kitchen demo. It has been a drawn out process but that is what happens when you completely gut a kitchen. We are ready!! The new kitchen is packed in the garage ready to go but we still have a few details to finish. One being pendent light final selection and to finish the flooring and back splash. I was not sad to see the 80's cabinets go. They were in pretty bad shape once they were ripped out. It was defiantly time for a update. I have enjoyed the process and I would like to share some things I have learned along the way in the future. I am sure there will be things I wish I would have done different but I have learned a lot (:
Our house is in a great setting and I love the neighborhood we just have several things that need done, but we have made a huge dent. Some of the smaller things will come in time. Having your house torn up and not having homes for items is stressful to me. Remember I can't watch Hoarders with out some sort of anxiety or sleeplessness. That is probably been one of the biggest issues is the mess all the time. I can see by the next few weeks some of the burden being lifted. This kitchen had no cabinet space at all for a large family so this is a blessing for sure. Much of the old kitchen is taken up with the double ovens and windows. We love the windows but they take lots of space for cabinets. We had to get a little creative with the new island and made if very large to house lots of things.Goodbye wall!! I was probably the most happy yesterday when this thing came down. My vision is coming together.Woo Hoo!!One big room, just what I wanted so bad. Hi Champ!!I also painted the windows, that alone is such a change. I encourage anyone with older dark wood windows to paint them. Instant update with such a fresher look, I love paint!!
The electrical work is taking a long time. They are rewiring everything, and moving most of the outlets. We are also having our electrical box rewired for safety reasons. What a great profession being a electrician. So many neat things that you can do with lighting and so many changes you can make if you know what your doing. I am so glad we did not try to attempt this remodel as DIY. Way to involved, if it were a newer house with smaller changes I would love to do it, but this needed things to be changed for safety reasons, including support in the ceiling. Can't wait to show you more. It feels so nice to walk into my "Big" kitchen!!

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