Thursday, March 8, 2012

Basement Board and Batten sneak peak

Hello, wanted to post our latest project the basement. I am not done with the decorating but wanted to share the board and batten project, or wanna be board and batten. I know that there is a technical way and a easier way that is more cost effective and less invasive with baseboards. We did the easier one and it was still a lot of work. I love the look though and it was worth it. I will try and explain the process of how we chose to do get the look.Here is our basement before: Lovely shade of faux finish green. It is a really nice basement, it is really big but needs a little updating.You need one of these saws to make your straight cuts or you can also have a home improvement store cute wood for free.. One of our stores here actually charges per cut but most do it for free. It is nice to have one at home though because once you put your molding on the wall it can shrink up a bit and the cuts have to be perfect.I love the nail gun!! This is a great thing to buy if you want molding in your house, it will save you so much time. You have to hook it up to air compressor and it takes a little time to figure it out but once you do this will save you time. I think you would be fine using finishing nails without one though it just might take longer.1. First we decided to buy stripes of wood for lattice. If you use lattice strips in your batten then you don't have to remove your baseboards. It does not hang over and is less expensive then MDF. We decided to use chair rail molding for the top piece. I liked that is was a little more decorative and I figured down the road if I wanted to change it to wainscoting or something else it would be a easier change.
2. Paint everything first. I painted the top of the wall one of my favorite colors Ramie. Then I pained the bottom white. Make sure you measure where you want your molding to come up too. I also painted the strips. We cut them in half so it would be easier to paint. They come in long strips. You can buy by the foot or you can buy shorter ones. Each store carries them differently. Do not make your perfect strip cuts at this point. Once you get them on the wall it can vary and you will be off by a inch or two depending on if your wall is a little off.
3. Next make the cuts for your top part. This is the tricky part. Measure 2-3X cut the molding and use your nail gun to secure it or a small hammer. Make sure you have help this a two person project. You need to make sure you use a level or tape measure so that you have this molding as level as possible. When your using large pieces it makes it hard to keep the molding straight. The corner piece of the wall are more difficult. You have to make the cuts at a angle so that they will fit together. My husband is smart at angles, math etc..I have the vision and he made the cuts. We have never done molding in our life really but figured it out easy enough.
4. Once your top molding is up then you need to measure how close you want your strips. Then you need to measure where to cut them since now it can vary by a inch depending how well you hung your top piece. Most should be about the same height. Nail them in and your almost done.
5. Next I caulked the bottom part where the baseboard met the white so it looked more uniform and finished. Real board and batten is one continuous look on the bottom to the top so this brings the look together. I also painted spots I missed and over the caulk.
6. Sit down and relax. This is not a few hr project if it is a large area. This area we did was probably 500 sq.feet so it took about a week working on it when we could.I will post more pictures later during the day and when I have it decorated.
We have also been working on the bathrooms too, none of these projects are one day but a little at a time. More to come..

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  1. Wow Katie! Love it!! You have really been keeping yourself BUSY! You are doing a great job...wish I could see it in person!!


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