Monday, March 26, 2012

Trying to slow down a bit

Everyday is a gift and many times more then I want to admit I am so caught up on getting things done that I forget to enjoy moments. Above is Jaden and Lauren (who by the way looks about 8 in the picture) were helping with the yard. When I looked back at my pictures I was taken by how grown up they both looked.
This week I think I have been reminded that I need to not get so caught up in what needs to be done. Moving and then remodeling has been a rude awaking. It is a lot of stress at once for any family to pick up and move but to remodel on top of that has new meaning. I had a friend remind me this week that life is not a sprint it is a marathon. So very true and what I needed to hear. Everything is going well and we are making tons of progress but I miss my family just being a family. Every weekend we have more to do then any family could ever get done. This weekend we went to the mall for a break but then I was reminded of getting Easter clothes and that I need to prepare for that...A mothers work and mind never has a chance to put the brakes on. I told Rob tonight that after all of this big stuff is done I want to enjoy just being us as a family again without thinking about what to do next. It has been good for me to realize that just because a house may look like a magazine that doesn't really bring the most joy to me. I love my home and want it to be beautiful but I love my family way more then it takes redoing this house. So I am going to take it day by day. They are growing so fast. I wish I could remember each day like it was yesterday and ever funny thing that passes their sweet smiles. We still have been having some fun amongst all the work.Jaden is my little scientist. I love how he puts his lab coat on to view his microscope.Flowers came up early this year can't complain about all this sunshine!!Cute DrewFlat Stanly came to visit us from Arkansas. I sent him back home to Greenwood.Jaden my outdoors man is digging for salamanders. This is something new for us so many advantages to living near woods. We have had a few issues too not so good with a wood pecker pecking a huge hole in the house.I first thought it was a snake it moved so fast. Harmless and loads of fun for the kids they are enjoying the animals.Progress on the kitchen, only a couple more days. Then onto the counters and the floors. My dad volunteered to help with our floors. (God Send, thank you so much!!) I could not salvage much of the floor due to the cabinets not lining up like the old ones did so onto a new floor.I just love it all, so awesome!! Can't wait to finally cook and eat in this room. I better get some rest but wanted to update.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kitchen Extreme Makeover Part 1

Hey friends, Monday was the big day to start the kitchen demo. It has been a drawn out process but that is what happens when you completely gut a kitchen. We are ready!! The new kitchen is packed in the garage ready to go but we still have a few details to finish. One being pendent light final selection and to finish the flooring and back splash. I was not sad to see the 80's cabinets go. They were in pretty bad shape once they were ripped out. It was defiantly time for a update. I have enjoyed the process and I would like to share some things I have learned along the way in the future. I am sure there will be things I wish I would have done different but I have learned a lot (:
Our house is in a great setting and I love the neighborhood we just have several things that need done, but we have made a huge dent. Some of the smaller things will come in time. Having your house torn up and not having homes for items is stressful to me. Remember I can't watch Hoarders with out some sort of anxiety or sleeplessness. That is probably been one of the biggest issues is the mess all the time. I can see by the next few weeks some of the burden being lifted. This kitchen had no cabinet space at all for a large family so this is a blessing for sure. Much of the old kitchen is taken up with the double ovens and windows. We love the windows but they take lots of space for cabinets. We had to get a little creative with the new island and made if very large to house lots of things.Goodbye wall!! I was probably the most happy yesterday when this thing came down. My vision is coming together.Woo Hoo!!One big room, just what I wanted so bad. Hi Champ!!I also painted the windows, that alone is such a change. I encourage anyone with older dark wood windows to paint them. Instant update with such a fresher look, I love paint!!
The electrical work is taking a long time. They are rewiring everything, and moving most of the outlets. We are also having our electrical box rewired for safety reasons. What a great profession being a electrician. So many neat things that you can do with lighting and so many changes you can make if you know what your doing. I am so glad we did not try to attempt this remodel as DIY. Way to involved, if it were a newer house with smaller changes I would love to do it, but this needed things to be changed for safety reasons, including support in the ceiling. Can't wait to show you more. It feels so nice to walk into my "Big" kitchen!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Basement Board and Batten sneak peak

Hello, wanted to post our latest project the basement. I am not done with the decorating but wanted to share the board and batten project, or wanna be board and batten. I know that there is a technical way and a easier way that is more cost effective and less invasive with baseboards. We did the easier one and it was still a lot of work. I love the look though and it was worth it. I will try and explain the process of how we chose to do get the look.Here is our basement before: Lovely shade of faux finish green. It is a really nice basement, it is really big but needs a little updating.You need one of these saws to make your straight cuts or you can also have a home improvement store cute wood for free.. One of our stores here actually charges per cut but most do it for free. It is nice to have one at home though because once you put your molding on the wall it can shrink up a bit and the cuts have to be perfect.I love the nail gun!! This is a great thing to buy if you want molding in your house, it will save you so much time. You have to hook it up to air compressor and it takes a little time to figure it out but once you do this will save you time. I think you would be fine using finishing nails without one though it just might take longer.1. First we decided to buy stripes of wood for lattice. If you use lattice strips in your batten then you don't have to remove your baseboards. It does not hang over and is less expensive then MDF. We decided to use chair rail molding for the top piece. I liked that is was a little more decorative and I figured down the road if I wanted to change it to wainscoting or something else it would be a easier change.
2. Paint everything first. I painted the top of the wall one of my favorite colors Ramie. Then I pained the bottom white. Make sure you measure where you want your molding to come up too. I also painted the strips. We cut them in half so it would be easier to paint. They come in long strips. You can buy by the foot or you can buy shorter ones. Each store carries them differently. Do not make your perfect strip cuts at this point. Once you get them on the wall it can vary and you will be off by a inch or two depending on if your wall is a little off.
3. Next make the cuts for your top part. This is the tricky part. Measure 2-3X cut the molding and use your nail gun to secure it or a small hammer. Make sure you have help this a two person project. You need to make sure you use a level or tape measure so that you have this molding as level as possible. When your using large pieces it makes it hard to keep the molding straight. The corner piece of the wall are more difficult. You have to make the cuts at a angle so that they will fit together. My husband is smart at angles, math etc..I have the vision and he made the cuts. We have never done molding in our life really but figured it out easy enough.
4. Once your top molding is up then you need to measure how close you want your strips. Then you need to measure where to cut them since now it can vary by a inch depending how well you hung your top piece. Most should be about the same height. Nail them in and your almost done.
5. Next I caulked the bottom part where the baseboard met the white so it looked more uniform and finished. Real board and batten is one continuous look on the bottom to the top so this brings the look together. I also painted spots I missed and over the caulk.
6. Sit down and relax. This is not a few hr project if it is a large area. This area we did was probably 500 sq.feet so it took about a week working on it when we could.I will post more pictures later during the day and when I have it decorated.
We have also been working on the bathrooms too, none of these projects are one day but a little at a time. More to come..

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I love this...don't sweat the small stuff..

Thinking about having kids?Or a dog?
LOL!! I think I have posted this before but if makes me laugh every time I see it. I can relate with both so that is probably why I love this. I wish that I would have taken pictures of what Lauren did a month or so ago. I was to mad to do it at the time, now that I think about it I just die laughing!! I think it is good not to take life to seriously. Easier said then done, and depending on how the days events play out that has a lot to do with your state of mind. Now that I have recovered from the trauma of Lauren painting her room in hair lotion I can laugh about it. I will set up the scene. I walk into her room after I thought she was fast asleep. I see that she is asleep but then notice the haze on the windows. I get closer and realize that windows are not foggy windows but lotion painted windows, both of them in fact. Perfectly painted windows inside every pane. Next I notice her frog prince bookend is completely covered in hair lotion. Every square inch was covered like it was perfectly pained on. Next her bookshelf is painted perfectly in coconut souffle hair lotion. Rob was out of town for a week and I was tired with all our projects, I could not even speak after I saw it. I simply closed the door and went to bed. I cried myself to sleep to be honest with you. Being tired and worn out has lots to do with a mom's emotions I have found. I must have been in one of those moments of despair of feeling sorry for myself. Moving forward at this moment Lauren is laughing and playing with a balloon, my boys are off to to school, my husband is getting our taxes done and our house is warm and cozy. I feel thankful!! I love to look back on what the Lord is teaching me. I have gained so much wisdom as a wife and mother, priceless. A couple weeks ago I told my mom the story about the hair lotion and I started to laugh..We laughed together...It felt good to laugh. I realize even though it was a pain to clean up. (It was oil friends!!) It is nice to feel joy and to laugh about the trials of parenthood.
I love that Lauren is creative, and thinking about it now she was probably trying to paint like me. She is smart and funny and sometimes entertains herself with things that I wish she wouldn't have but none the less it made for a good laugh now. I will miss these moments as we are having less now but she often surprises me (: I want to remember everything about my kids the good times and the complicated times and everything in between. They are my greatest blessing and I am learning to not sweat the small stuff, I am laughing more!! Thank you mom for laughing with me, it really was funny and it will soon be a distant memory of motherhood.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Poodles In Paris

Things are shaping up around here. We have been working on a several things at once but we are on our way to making progress. Last Sunday I went out shopping with Drew's teacher. We started talking and realized we liked a lot of the same things so we became instant friends. She is a great teacher and she has been so nice to my little Drew B. I just love organized, sweet and caring teachers. It makes a world of difference for the students and the parents. We had a blast she took me to a flea/antique store, of course TJMaxx and a couple of other stores. On our adventure I found this vintage poodle lamp for Lauren's room. Her room is now Paris theme and I love it. I haven't shown pictures yet because I am not quite done. It take time to get everything hung and time to find the look I am going for. This lamp came with a shade that fit but it was ugly and old.
I thought maybe I could re purpose it and use some material I had laying around. I pulled out my trusty glue gun and glued it right on. Lauren and I decided it needed a little more blinging out. The dog color was missing a few jewels so I added some pearls. Next we wanted to add Lauren's beloved purple for some more color.

Easy, not perfect but easy and I really like it.

You can see a little bit of her Paris room in the reflection of her mirror.

This lamp is so cute! Have a great weekend everyone.

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