Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Powder Room 180

Oh how lovely! I think the previous homeowner tried to update the cabinet by painting it orange/peach. This project all started with removing what I thought would be easy wallpaper. Underneath I got a surprise. At first I thought it was that faux sponge paint, then I realized it was shiny wallpaper that was satan to remove. This was a second attempt because the previous owner or owners tried to remove it as well and they just decided to use the lovely texture brown above. Now that hind site is 20/20 I wish I would have just painted over this textured wallpaper, or over the green. I bought several products to remove the lovely green to no avail. I spent hours removing it only to leave it on half the wall and paint over it. I finally removed half of it but then had to patch and Spackle so much of the bare walls. There were lots of dents and stuck on adhesive. I never thought this little bathroom would take days to finish.
If you ever have this problem I recommend the above and just paint over it, if you need to Spackle the seems that worked great and would have saved me tons and tons of time. Removing it is the best option if it come right off. A combination of warm water and fabric softener with a wallpaper remover usually works great, not the case here.

Is this the biggest light fixture medicine cabinet or what?

Once we removed the old vanity we had to continue the wood floor. In this picture we actually started it was just sub floor underneath. Luckily we had extra pieces of wood available, but we had to buy a special saw to cut pieces, and then we also had to buy molding, and quarter round to match up on the sides. Did I mention we have never laid wood floor or put up molding. I decided I wanted to do all of this a few days before, I just love my husband!!

I never thought this little job would become so big, with all the junk we needed. I was so ready to get rid of all this in our kitchen walkway.

I am thankful that Rob is smart at doing things that he has never done before. We both kind of just figured it out and things finally were coming together.

Sink is in! We went with a vanity that looked like furniture. I bought another one initially and decided it looked like it needed to be more flush with the walls. Since we have a wall that is 361/2" most vanities were 37" so we were limited. I love this vanity it was very easy to install and love the look of it.

It looks so much better. I still have to get a few things, and trying to decide if I should paint the door white or leave it dark wood. Our doors are real solid wood so it sometimes makes me question painting them all white. I do like the contrast in a couple rooms.

We are finally done, the molding all went together as close as we could get it. The molding was not a standard size of course, so we had to do the best we could do. It feels so bright and refreshed going in there now,much better!!



  2. goodness gracious Katie, you have been BUSY!!! the powder rooms looks great! you are really good at all this home DIY stuff! i am impressed!!


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