Sunday, February 5, 2012

mud room renew big change!!

Welcome to our blast from the past mud room. This room is not very big but it holds our laundry room, small pantry and coats. The wall paper was a big pain to remove, it stuck so bad. Once removed we had plain ugly left and lots of brown dark doors. I removed the door that separates this room from the kitchen and it really opened things up. So now we have a open entry right into the kitchen without a big heavy door in the way.
Let the fun begin, I began priming all the dark wood work and doors with the Gripper primer. It took two coats and about 3 coast of white paint to get to white. I had a vision to make this room bright. It is the first room I see when I come into our house from the garage and I spend a lot of time doing laundry. I am so happy with the results and so happy I was able to incorporate a place to hang the kids backpacks and coats. Our kitchen area is going to take up all walls for cabinets so I had to make a coat area some how in here but didn't have much space to work with.


It all came together so nicely and easy. Thanks to my husband for helping make the project come together. We bought two panels of bead board, and a long 1X4. I painted all the walls Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams which is a beautiful relaxing color. It is kind of blue/green/ and gray depending on the lighting. We used our nail gun for the bead board and used some adhesive. Next we screwed in the 1x4 making sure we hit the studs. Then we screwed in the hooks. It was that simple. I also spray painted the handles on the doors black and painted the door black. I love the door black! They are really nice solid doors but the boring dark brown did nothing in this room.

Love this color!!

Feeling good, another check off the list.


  1. you should be feeling good! that is one fabulous makeover! love the grey you chose and all the bright white, it really lightens the space! i would be happy to do laundry there! nice job Katie!!

  2. Wow! You can hardly tell it's the same space. It brightened it up so much and made it so inviting and cheerful. Great job!!

  3. IN LOVE!!!! I am so uber impressed!!!!!!! Love love love!!!!!

  4. What an amazing transformation!!! The 1x4 and hooks are exactly what I've been wanting to do in our tiny laundry room which doubles as a mud room. Where did you get your hooks??? Thanks!

  5. Perfect! And there's nothing like the feeling like checking something off your list. You did a great job.


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