Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kitchen's on it's way, need lighting help

Not my kitchen, but love this look!!

We are finally done with our kitchen plans. It actually is a great relief to be done with the some of the bigger choices. It is really fun to pick finishes but very scary too. This is a dream come true for me and I don't want to mess up the final look. I think it will all come together and hopefully in the next 2months of less I will be enjoying the new kitchen. A couple of these pictures our close to the color scheme I used. I also need to pick out lighting, which is starting to freak me out. I love to decorate and design but I am stuck between two styles and sometimes I don't know what would look best. I love Pinterest so maybe I can look around at pictures that I love the most. The counter tops selection I choose was not even on my radar until I started seeing more blogs about marble look a likes without the upkeep. I was not sold on any of the granite that I could choose from,nothing ever stood out as my favorite. I almost went with one granite but my bff sent me a text of a new quartz that looked like marble. After much deliberation Rob and I both thought the the quartz looked the best with my style. The above picture looks similar to what we bought.

I don't know who's kitchen this is but I really liked this style.
I could not get everything I wanted but a lot of the things I really liked I tried to work in the budget. I didn't get ever bell and whistle that is for sure. I am really shocked on how much all the add-ons cost, that is where it gets expensive. I wanted a farmhouse sink so much but after talking with a few people about it chipping and then looking at the price I decided against it. I originally was not going to get the vent hood but then realized that it would make the whole kitchen get the look I wanted so I used budget there but did not get the over the top one.

This is a magazine kitchen and mine will be the mini version I hope. This is beautiful!! Love the subway tile, black and cream. Love glass cabinets, I got one set only but I can't wait to decorate it!!

Here is where my style gets mixed. This light fixture is kind of industrial style but I kind of like it, it also comes in brushed nickel, and bronze.

Oh but I like the chandelier too!! I think it is okay to mix and match. What are your thoughts? By my kitchen table I have something like this, but I am having my contractor add two pendant lights above the island.

I love this too!! I think these are all from Pottery Barn. Great stuff but I am on the search for a better price.

Oh I like these too!!

These vintage school house lights are very popular now and I do think they bring in character.
I love vintage things during a certain decade, not sure which one that is but I am thinking it is from the 30-40's that I love.

I will post more soon, but if you have any input on which lighting you like I would love to hear.


  1. Katie, your kitchen is going to be so beautiful! My favorite lighting is the 2nd to last one you posted. The "glass lantern" look. I love those! My least fav is the industrial look. Hope that helps!! Love ya

  2. Thank you so much, I think I am leaning toward the lantern. Jackie also said she liked the lantern for my style the best. Now to find one, blah!! That is the problem it takes so long to find what I am looking for.


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