Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finding animals and bigfoot?

 One of the great things about living in the woods now is all the animals. The kids and I have had lots of fun seeing new species all the time. This woodpecker was huge much bigger then normal. Living in the suburbs of the land of many houses (our old C-Bus neighborhood) we had no squirrels, or any exotic wildlife.  This is one thing we really wanted when we moved is to have a yard that would have trees. It is so  nice to have trees it has been a long time since we have had large trees. Can you find the animals? These were all taken through the kitchen window so not the best but still neat.

On to the latest fad in our house.. Thanks to Animal Planet the boys love watching Finding Bigfoot. Lauren who does everything the boys do now has a obsession with Bigfoot. Not a day goes by without her asking me if Bigfoot hurts kids, where he lives, and where he sleeps. I think since we live in the woods she is very concerned about this. I think we need to watch Harry And The Henderson's to put some fear to rest. I remember seeing this moving back when I was 8yrs old I think and loved it. I wish Animal Planet would stop with this silly show by now, it is on all the time!! It is their favorite channel so I wish it would end. I drew the line on another one of their shows Infested.  Jaden had a bad dream about bugs crawling on him and I vaguely remember having the same dream. 
So for now, we will enjoy our squirrel Suzy!! I don't imagine any Bigfoots stopping by anytime soon.
Looking forward to spring but as I write it is snowing!

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