Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello shoppers Lauren here

Today we tried something new we brought our shopping cart from home to the store. She usually gets bored after about 15 min but she really enjoyed herself being a little mama. It worked like a charm. She loved getting her favorite foods. This kid loves hot dogs!! We buy the turkey one so I don't feel quite as bad. Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kitchen's on it's way, need lighting help

Not my kitchen, but love this look!!

We are finally done with our kitchen plans. It actually is a great relief to be done with the some of the bigger choices. It is really fun to pick finishes but very scary too. This is a dream come true for me and I don't want to mess up the final look. I think it will all come together and hopefully in the next 2months of less I will be enjoying the new kitchen. A couple of these pictures our close to the color scheme I used. I also need to pick out lighting, which is starting to freak me out. I love to decorate and design but I am stuck between two styles and sometimes I don't know what would look best. I love Pinterest so maybe I can look around at pictures that I love the most. The counter tops selection I choose was not even on my radar until I started seeing more blogs about marble look a likes without the upkeep. I was not sold on any of the granite that I could choose from,nothing ever stood out as my favorite. I almost went with one granite but my bff sent me a text of a new quartz that looked like marble. After much deliberation Rob and I both thought the the quartz looked the best with my style. The above picture looks similar to what we bought.

I don't know who's kitchen this is but I really liked this style.
I could not get everything I wanted but a lot of the things I really liked I tried to work in the budget. I didn't get ever bell and whistle that is for sure. I am really shocked on how much all the add-ons cost, that is where it gets expensive. I wanted a farmhouse sink so much but after talking with a few people about it chipping and then looking at the price I decided against it. I originally was not going to get the vent hood but then realized that it would make the whole kitchen get the look I wanted so I used budget there but did not get the over the top one.

This is a magazine kitchen and mine will be the mini version I hope. This is beautiful!! Love the subway tile, black and cream. Love glass cabinets, I got one set only but I can't wait to decorate it!!

Here is where my style gets mixed. This light fixture is kind of industrial style but I kind of like it, it also comes in brushed nickel, and bronze.

Oh but I like the chandelier too!! I think it is okay to mix and match. What are your thoughts? By my kitchen table I have something like this, but I am having my contractor add two pendant lights above the island.

I love this too!! I think these are all from Pottery Barn. Great stuff but I am on the search for a better price.

Oh I like these too!!

These vintage school house lights are very popular now and I do think they bring in character.
I love vintage things during a certain decade, not sure which one that is but I am thinking it is from the 30-40's that I love.

I will post more soon, but if you have any input on which lighting you like I would love to hear.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Powder Room 180

Oh how lovely! I think the previous homeowner tried to update the cabinet by painting it orange/peach. This project all started with removing what I thought would be easy wallpaper. Underneath I got a surprise. At first I thought it was that faux sponge paint, then I realized it was shiny wallpaper that was satan to remove. This was a second attempt because the previous owner or owners tried to remove it as well and they just decided to use the lovely texture brown above. Now that hind site is 20/20 I wish I would have just painted over this textured wallpaper, or over the green. I bought several products to remove the lovely green to no avail. I spent hours removing it only to leave it on half the wall and paint over it. I finally removed half of it but then had to patch and Spackle so much of the bare walls. There were lots of dents and stuck on adhesive. I never thought this little bathroom would take days to finish.
If you ever have this problem I recommend the above and just paint over it, if you need to Spackle the seems that worked great and would have saved me tons and tons of time. Removing it is the best option if it come right off. A combination of warm water and fabric softener with a wallpaper remover usually works great, not the case here.

Is this the biggest light fixture medicine cabinet or what?

Once we removed the old vanity we had to continue the wood floor. In this picture we actually started it was just sub floor underneath. Luckily we had extra pieces of wood available, but we had to buy a special saw to cut pieces, and then we also had to buy molding, and quarter round to match up on the sides. Did I mention we have never laid wood floor or put up molding. I decided I wanted to do all of this a few days before, I just love my husband!!

I never thought this little job would become so big, with all the junk we needed. I was so ready to get rid of all this in our kitchen walkway.

I am thankful that Rob is smart at doing things that he has never done before. We both kind of just figured it out and things finally were coming together.

Sink is in! We went with a vanity that looked like furniture. I bought another one initially and decided it looked like it needed to be more flush with the walls. Since we have a wall that is 361/2" most vanities were 37" so we were limited. I love this vanity it was very easy to install and love the look of it.

It looks so much better. I still have to get a few things, and trying to decide if I should paint the door white or leave it dark wood. Our doors are real solid wood so it sometimes makes me question painting them all white. I do like the contrast in a couple rooms.

We are finally done, the molding all went together as close as we could get it. The molding was not a standard size of course, so we had to do the best we could do. It feels so bright and refreshed going in there now,much better!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finding animals and bigfoot?

 One of the great things about living in the woods now is all the animals. The kids and I have had lots of fun seeing new species all the time. This woodpecker was huge much bigger then normal. Living in the suburbs of the land of many houses (our old C-Bus neighborhood) we had no squirrels, or any exotic wildlife.  This is one thing we really wanted when we moved is to have a yard that would have trees. It is so  nice to have trees it has been a long time since we have had large trees. Can you find the animals? These were all taken through the kitchen window so not the best but still neat.

On to the latest fad in our house.. Thanks to Animal Planet the boys love watching Finding Bigfoot. Lauren who does everything the boys do now has a obsession with Bigfoot. Not a day goes by without her asking me if Bigfoot hurts kids, where he lives, and where he sleeps. I think since we live in the woods she is very concerned about this. I think we need to watch Harry And The Henderson's to put some fear to rest. I remember seeing this moving back when I was 8yrs old I think and loved it. I wish Animal Planet would stop with this silly show by now, it is on all the time!! It is their favorite channel so I wish it would end. I drew the line on another one of their shows Infested.  Jaden had a bad dream about bugs crawling on him and I vaguely remember having the same dream. 
So for now, we will enjoy our squirrel Suzy!! I don't imagine any Bigfoots stopping by anytime soon.
Looking forward to spring but as I write it is snowing!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

mud room renew big change!!

Welcome to our blast from the past mud room. This room is not very big but it holds our laundry room, small pantry and coats. The wall paper was a big pain to remove, it stuck so bad. Once removed we had plain ugly left and lots of brown dark doors. I removed the door that separates this room from the kitchen and it really opened things up. So now we have a open entry right into the kitchen without a big heavy door in the way.
Let the fun begin, I began priming all the dark wood work and doors with the Gripper primer. It took two coats and about 3 coast of white paint to get to white. I had a vision to make this room bright. It is the first room I see when I come into our house from the garage and I spend a lot of time doing laundry. I am so happy with the results and so happy I was able to incorporate a place to hang the kids backpacks and coats. Our kitchen area is going to take up all walls for cabinets so I had to make a coat area some how in here but didn't have much space to work with.


It all came together so nicely and easy. Thanks to my husband for helping make the project come together. We bought two panels of bead board, and a long 1X4. I painted all the walls Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams which is a beautiful relaxing color. It is kind of blue/green/ and gray depending on the lighting. We used our nail gun for the bead board and used some adhesive. Next we screwed in the 1x4 making sure we hit the studs. Then we screwed in the hooks. It was that simple. I also spray painted the handles on the doors black and painted the door black. I love the door black! They are really nice solid doors but the boring dark brown did nothing in this room.

Love this color!!

Feeling good, another check off the list.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Strong Willed kids

My little Lauren Grace is so cute but has a mind of her own. This morning I was catching up on Face book and a friend posted this from Lysa Terkeurst blog:

I don’t want to raise a good child
My daughter, Hope, is a senior this year. And she decided her senior year should be adventurous and a little out of the “normal” box. A lot out of the box actually.
She withdrew from traditional school. Applied with the state to homeschool. Enrolled in on-line college courses that would allow her to get both high school and college credit simultaneously. And planned to spend the month of January serving in Nicaragua doing missions.
This didn’t surprise me really. Because Hope has always liked charting her own course.
When she was really little I was scared to death I was the world’s worst mom, because Hope was never one to be contained. And I honestly thought all her extra tenacity was a sign of my poor mothering.
One day I took her to the mall to meet several of my friends with toddlers to grab lunch. All of their kids sat quietly eating cheerios in their strollers. They shined their halos and quoted Bible verses and used tissues to wipe their snot.
Not Hope.
She was infuriated by my insistence she stay in her stroller. So, when I turned away for a split second to place our lunch order, she wiggled free. She stripped off all her clothes. She ran across the food court. And jumped in the fountain in the center of the mall.
Really nothing makes the mother of a toddler feel more incapable than seeing her naked child splashing in the mall fountain. Except maybe that toddler refusing to get out and her mother having to also get into the fountain.
I cried all the way home.
Not because of what she’d done that day. But rather because of how she was everyday. So determined. So independent. So insistent.
I would beg God to show me how to raise a good child. One that stayed in her stroller. One that other people would comment about how wonderfully behaved she was. One that made me look good.
But God seemed so slow to answer those prayers. So, over the years, I changed my prayer. ”God help me to raise Hope to be who you want her to be.” Emphasis on, “God HELP ME!”
I think I changed my prayers for her because God started to change my heart. I started sensing He had a different plan in mind for my mothering of Hope.
Maybe God’s goal wasn’t for me to raise a good rule following child. God’s goal was for me to raise a God-following adult. An adult just determined and independent and insistent enough to fulfill a purpose He had in mind all along.
I don’t know what mama needs to hear this today. But let me encourage you from the bottom of my heart with 3 simple mothering perspectives you must hang on to:
1. Don’t take too much credit for their good.
2. Don’t take too much credit for their bad.
3. Don’t try to raise a good child. Raise a God-following adult.
And all the mamas of fountain dancing children said, “Amen!”

I was laughing and almost crying after I read this! This is so my life with my Lauren. She has a mind of her own and I have had many moments just like this. Just the other day she had both arms in the fountain at the mall with her tongue out drinking the water. There is never a dull moment with her but plenty of precious ones as well. I have gained a lot as a mother from my children. Mothering is defiantly a humbling experience and I have called out to God in tears asking Him to help me with raising them. I have marvelous kids but not always easy kids. I never had the kind of kids that just sat in their strollers or just were super laid back. Mine were the adventurous active type that seemed to be two steps ahead of me in all situations. Each year brings new changes some good and some that make you think "I thought we were over that stage." On those good days I think I have this parenting thing down and then 10 min later they all start passing the baton on who is going to be a stinker again. Like this article states my goal is not trying to raise good children that make me look good but kids that love God and will carry that into adulthood. I have learned through experince because 2 1/2 out of my 3 kids are strong willed. (LOL, Drew can be very laid back at times but not at other times so he is my half)There are many great things about kids that are strong willed that if you can learn to work with their personalities will make amazing attributes in this world. Usually kids with strong willed tendencies march to a tune of a different beat and they like being leaders. I could not be more proud of my kids!! When I see them not turning into worldly self absorbed kids but ones that care about people and seem happy being who God made them their is joy. Of course they have normal attitudes and need adjustments everyday but their spirit is something to be gained. They have the will to be the game changers that this sad world needs at times. So hang in there moms of fountain dancing children our kids are made on purpose for a purpose. God will do great things!!
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