Friday, January 27, 2012

office sneak peak

The changes are coming and I am loving it. It is starting to feel like our home. Each week I like to tackle at least one project. When I am all done I can go back to a little relaxing and projects here and there. This wallpaper came off very nice unlike the mudroom area. I could not decide what to do with the book shelves but decided stay with the darker wood. Sometimes when you paint wood and you use it a lot without lots of polyurethane it still chips. Rob uses his office about 3 days a week so it had to be durable. I love white but I figured the dark would not show dirt and I love mixing dark wood and white together. All the molding took a long time but I am happy how it all turned out. I will post more pictures soon when I actually clean it and decorate it up a bit more.
I can't tell you how great it feels to rip down 80's wallpaper

I love this stain! This is one of my favorite stains ever!! It is so nice because it goes on like a gel. You can use it thinner or thicker. It makes any pieces of old furniture look fresh again. It is a pain to get off your hands but I have found that orange oil or Goo Gone works well to get it off the skin. I will never be a poster child for nice nails. I see so many girls with pretty nails and It will not work out for me and all my endeavours I am afraid.

Still messy but much better!!

Things have been crazy here. We are working on re-doing our whole kitchen. What a project!! I have meet with so many different people and have looked at so many pictures. Next week I have another appointment so I will blog about some of the plans. I am hoping things start to come together and we can find a design we just love.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Amazing!!!! A million billion times better. You need ton link up to the home decor parties!!!

    Also what color did your use. It looks like my kitchen color

  2. Looks so much better and the shelves are a nice contrast too. You're so amazing at this kind of stuff!!

  3. Awesome job! Can't wait to see the finished product!!


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