Saturday, January 14, 2012

A little bit like work

I am alive and survived the family room makeover. Just like any project I started with a whole bunch of energy and by the end I had enough...This was one of the biggest projects I have ever done that involved lots of labor. I am starting with some pretties, this room is our beach room. Most of the house I am going to be doing in a coastal farmhouse style but this going to be really beachy. I have had this piece of coral for years, and it fit perfect in my cloche.
This farmhouse table was bought from a roadside flea market for $10 I think. It used to be a red shade, but a couple years ago it got a new color. I love these baskets from Smith and Hawkin (Target) These baskets are great, they are so durable for anything really. I bought this shelf at a yard sale this past summer and love it!

Collection of shells, and favorite bird lamp.

My beautiful rock wall. This section was taken down by yours truly. It came out rather easily until there was a metal mesh net pinned to the wall. Ugly!! This was so messy and some of this grout stuff got on the carpet, and it stains bad. I had to get my trusty Hoover wet vac out, whoever made that thing= I love you!!

? Your guess is as good as mine. A little castle in the rocks? We are thinking it was a ledge and they had to fill it in. I have no clue, this whole rock wall thing is not original to the house. I wish I could have seen the original. It probably was way better. I still have no idea what to do with the remaining rock wall we left. I don't know if I should paint it, stain it or get rid of it. I will need a pick up truck to take all the rocks away and lots of therapy. We still don't know what we are going to do for now we are leaving it.

My parent came for the night and my dad helped Rob hang the dry wall. It turned out really nice. We still need to get some finishing pieces but so much better.


My mom is in the background. She helped prime some of the beams and I appreciate the help. The priming was such a pain!! I didn't mind the beams but they were really dark. The whole room looked dark and dated.


So much better!! I am so happy with the lighter brighter look of this room. We are working with the rock wall for now. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. It looks kind of good and is do-able with the rest of the room. The painting took forever! Not the wall color but the beams. I had to coat the room with two coats of Gripper primmer. Up and down on a ladder with my arms reaching up. Yes, feel sorry for me): Once that was done, I painted it all white. Then I had to buy caulk to fill the lines between the beam and wall. You could really see spaces between the joints, it looked very rough and not fresh. So I bought caulk and put it in the gun and it kept exploding out the back. During this project Rob was in Texas and I was up until midnight doing the project. I worked day and night having little Lauren by my side. She was really good, We watched a couple movies while I worked that helped. After I used my finger to spread the caulk in the joints I had enough. When I talked to Rob later he asks if I broke the seal in the caulk gun with a screwdriver. Nope, I learned the hard way. I cut the tip but could not figure out why the seal was in there, FYI the back does not have instructions to break the seal. Up and down off the ladder a million times later, I caulked all the cracks, and then painted again!! The wall color is Sherwin Williams Relaxed Khaki, and I love it!! It is a great color. I am so happy with it.

I also painted the windows white, what a huge difference white windows make. Windows are not to bad to paint because you don't need to tape. Just use a razor blade on the glass.

I finally ordered our family beach picture to go right there above this cabinet.

It was a lot of work, but so glad it all turned out. It all took much longer then I thought. It took me about week to complete this. I need a little breather and then I will be onto the next project.


  1. wow!! katie, you have been working hard! you go girl! love it!! you are right about all the white trim and beams...such a lighter space! and so much more YOU!! the coastal touches look great!!

    glad to hear things are going well and you are settling in!!


  2. Katie, it all turned out so beautifully!

  3. Singing your praises!!!! I am soooooo in love!!!!! Looks beautiful!!!!

    I vote for staining the rock and adding a mantle. If it doesn't work out---then bust it down. You could do stacked stone yourself for about 250. If you paid someone about 1000

    It doesn't even look like same house. I am calling you!

  4. love it love it love it Katie! What a beautiful color you re-did your livingroom in! What is the color name and where did you buy it? (also what color white?)

  5. Wow Katie! It looks wonderful! I know that had to really stink at times! But you really changed that whole area of your house! I never would have pictured that it could turn out looking that great--good job!

  6. Looks amazing! You rock! There's no way I would be able to do all that. It would take me a year! Seriously! Ha! Great job :)

  7. Love your new house and your latest project! How about "whitewashing" or "pickeling" the remaining rock wall? Might blend in with your style a little better....beachier! Love watching your progress, gives me inspiration!


  8. Love the project and your new home! You could try and "whitewash" or "pickel" the stone to blend in better with your beachy feel! Love watching your progress!

    (old BB member...transracial adoption)

  9. Katie, it looks great!!! I know first hand all of this remodeling stuff is hard work!!! But it is worth it in the end! I would paint the rock white or whitewashed!! I just got finished painting my dark ugly brick fireplace cream to match my trim and it looks really good! I will eventually post pics on my blog of it! Great job! :)

  10. I love what you are doing. It looks great.


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