Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Inside pictures and a ways to go!!

Hello friends! Wow things are coming together but we have so much more to do. I think all of this will take a long time but I plan on having fun with all of it. Honestly I do get a lot of anxiety with everything being awry but I am trying to take it day by day. I think the Lord is trying to teach me to relax a bit and don't they use exposure therapy when people need to get through phobias and anxiety? Ha Ha!! I wish I could just relax at times. I think I was born a high energy person that has trouble sitting still but I don't seem to have the AD part which I thankful for. I have never moved into a house that needed major renovations just small stuff like paint. This is going to be a great challenge for Rob and I. We are going to get some help though. Some of this stuff is way to big of a project for beginners. I can't wait to blog about all our projects. The house is completely livable and clean so that is a bonus just needs lots of updates. I wanted to share a few pictures of the before stages. A few rooms just need new carpet/wood and painting so we can do those fairly quickly. The kitchen and bathrooms need gutted and we will do little by little. I am hoping by next year we will have the major renovations done and then just do fun projects from there on out. It will be nice to get back to normal again but it is also fun to see projects come into fruition.

Family Room

First picture and below. I love colonial homes but they are very traditional so you have more rooms. I like openness but I also like the classic style of rooms it is more cozy. All the rooms are good size so it does not feel small. This room is one of my least favorites at the present time. My parents are coming Friday to help. My dad and Rob are going to dry wall just the first rock wall. To many rocks and to rustic. This room is going to look completely different in a few more days!! I put furniture to cover the wall that is covered from top to the bottom with rocks. To many rocks to bad we don't have high ceilings we could climb it. I am going with a beach look in this room and through most of the house.

Can't wait to paint these beams!!

Kitchen is going to be our first big renovation. I am meeting with people this week to get ideas and prices. Lots of windows and I love them but they limit options with placement of appliances.

See that wall, can't wait to say bye bye!! That alone will make the biggest difference in the house. It will brighten it up and make if feel airy. I like a big kitchen that is open that is one area that I don't want cozy!! Can't wait to bring in white!!

This is the living room where I am sitting now. We are going to use this room as a library/office. We all love to read so it works out really nice to just sit and read. This room is bright and pretty. I do want to change the paint and I will blog about that very soon.

I added a little table. This table was a craiglist find couple yrs ago. It is so heavy and a true antique. It used to be really tall but yesterday I caught 4" off of the legs and now I can use it. Not sure if I am going to keep this look just playing around with furniture placement.

I love this window it is in the kitchen, can't wait to get some decorating ideas flowing. I have had a lot on my mind can't wait till ideas come. I haven't been real creative lately. Would you paint the wood white? I am going with white cabinets but some of the doors might look nice stained darker. Not sure yet?


one project done!!


Light fixture from Ballard Designs. Crystals were from a $4 ornament from Hobby Lobby. I was not going to spend $20 a crystal plus $20 a lampshade. I bought those at Lowe's. I love this light fixture. Can't wait to paint the dark crown molding and paint the kitchen!

More to come...

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  1. I am so excited to follow along and see the changes you make!! You have a very beautiful family.


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