Saturday, January 21, 2012

Having Fun inside and out

It finally snowed a few days ago. The kids of course had lots of fun playing in it. We have a built in hill, yeah! Our old house had one too,but this one is even better.
She is adorable!

Boys are good for the soul, they make me laugh each day numerous times.

Pretty Brown Eyes!

There is my husband! It is fun to be a kid again. We both love to play with our kids when we are outside.

There goes Drew

The kids were off from school last week a couple days so I put them to work. They actually loved pulling off the wallpaper. Lauren actually got to spray her water bottle squirt gun inside, she was in heaven. They really helped me a lot. This wallpaper stuck big time, not fun.

Remember how popular this style of wallpaper was?

This week I worked on Rob's office. Can't wait to post pictures!! I just knew this house would be our dream house when we first looked at it. It is so fun to bring this to fruition but lots of work. I am enjoying all of it but it is a hard balance of doing renovations and being the best mom I can be. I try and spend 30 min playing with Lauren every couple yrs during the day. I also work as she plays or watches a movie. I also stay up late at night to get the most work done but I can't do that to many days in a row or I become mean mom, lol. The kids have been really good through everything and adjusting well.


  1. You know what...your kids are going to be able to see first hand....exactly what it means to bring dreams to reality. Life has more lessons than just playing trucks and Barbies. Families work together to make the home a place of comfort and beauty. God has given you many amazing gifts, Katie....he is rejoicing to k ow you are passing these gifts onto the treasures he has given you!!!! Your kids are beyond lucky you are their Mommy!!! Look how happy they are!!! I miss them so much!!!

    So what are the plans for the heart engraved coat hanger?

  2. Awesome times outside! I love that Lauren's boots are zebra! Haha!! Can't wait to see all the renovations!!

  3. Your hill is awesome! That looks like so much fun! I am going to post a picture of the wall paper in the kids bathroom that is about to come down.(Say bye bye) It is the most horrible I have ever seen. It's wall paper that looks like tiny tiles but it isn't! It's supposed to be beige but it's so old that it's blotchy in color! Hang in there, your house will be sooooo beautiful!! Love ya!


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