Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!! Here are a few pictures of our entry way. I have had a lot of requests about inside pictures. I want to do a lot of before and afters. I have had so much going on I can't wait to blog about everything with the new house. So stay tuned...

What a nice Christmas we had despite not being very organized. It all worked out and when it comes down to it the presents and decorations are nice but being together is what matters most. Reflecting on Jesus being born in a manger and how he came into this world humbly to change the world for each one of us. That is what Christmas is about. We went to a new church on Christmas Eve, that put on a production. It was really neat. They had singing and comedy and one of the best sound systems I have ever heard. Jaden and Drew loved the drummers they had a drum off with strobe lights and rock music, it was a comedy skit that was really funny. They had snow falling on the stage and beautiful music we all enjoyed it. We got home late and I had not even wrapped but a few gifts so I was up until about 2:30 am getting it done.

This was right before we left for church and Drew was mad about something. Jaden and Lauren thought it was funny. I am all about being real and this is reality most days. Someone is always not happy when you have three kids. A few minutes later all was well again.

The kids and I

It has been a while since I took any pictures of the kids or family pictures. These are just candid shots but I miss being back to our normal lives. Things are coming together but it is nice to be at home again and not feel like we are moving.

Drew is my little photographer

Christmas morning!!

Lauren just had to have this game. We took it out of the box and it was already not working. The company is sending another that hopefully inflates in the belly.

Drew in his Steelers garb. You have to be a Steelers fan around here!!

Here he is swinging his terrible towel. To funny!! Zac S. this is for you!!

Rob making his famous Christmas breakfast.

My parents came Christmas night. It is so nice having them closer now!!

Drew being a goof ball. He is so silly, seriously. We got the new Just Dance 3 and he pulled his pants up as high as they went with out a shirt on dancing to his favorite songs. He knows all the words to popular dance songs and has his own moves to go with them. He is quite the entertainer.

My dad and Me, he is a great guy! I love you!!

Cute! The kids love Nana and Grandpa

Hope you enjoyed our family re-cap. To all family, friends and blogging friends. We love you all and wish you a blessed 2012!!


  1. I just loved all of these pics. Your home is beautiful and I'm glad you all had a great Christmas. The kids are getting so grown up!

  2. SO WONDERFUL to be closer to you family!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Love all the pictures. Your home is beautiful! Hope your family has a blessed new year! :)

  4. I showed Zac and he LOVED it! Thanks for showing love to the awesome Steelers for us!!


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