Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel and prayer request

One week from tomorrow we will pulling out of Ohio. Makes me sad in so many ways but also happy. The hard part is feeling comfortable with your home and new location so hopefully it will be a easy transition. We have lived in this house longer then any other house so it does feel like home. We will miss all our friends and neighbors and that is the sad part about moving. The fun part is the new adventure,new friends and opportunities that we will have. So we are excited!! I have been packing away non stop. I decided to pack all the smaller stuff myself because we saved 3,000. I would rather have a new couch or money towards vacation besides I will need one after this (: I am finding it it a lot of work!! Rob has been traveling with work during this time and he also got sick this week. I have had a few crazy mom moments but all and all we are working together to get everything done and ready for the moving truck next Thursday.
This was when I first got started it is looking less and like home which I guess is good.

I hate living like this!! It is causing my anxiety to go crazy and now I have a twitching eye to go with it since I have not been sleeping well. I just lay there and think about everything that needs to get done. As my friend Jackie says "Some people can't be alone with their thoughts" Well Jackie I am one of them!!

You forget how much work this is until you start and then you forget how much junk you have. It has been so nice to give away so much stuff and I can't believe how much Jaden my little pack rat had up in his room. Three bags of garbage!!

Can you read my mind? This was after a long day of packing and I was getting a little mad. Poor Rob was sick but everyone looks pretty comfortable don't they? As I sit and complained that day I got some really bad news. My cousin Lisa overcame breast cancer back when she was 35 I believe and she has done so well for a while now. Lately she has not been feeling well and has been having headaches and other symptoms. She found out she now has bone cancer.

Lisa is a beautiful ,strong, giving, and compassionate young lady.She has two children one with autism. She is the kind of friend you want to have. She is a humanitarian that helps others and is very talented in writing and enjoys theater. She is fun to be with, laughs a lot and would help out anyone. I ask that you prayer for her during this stressful time for her and her family. I ask that you pray for complete healing, and that God shows himself in a big way to her family.

‎"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Each day when I am out and about I try to remember this with everyone I encounter. God can use ordinary people to show His love to the hurting. Everyone has or will go through some trials that will rock their world. Even if it is just a smile or helping in a small way you can really impact someone when you are hurting so bad. I have been there and I know that the kindness of friends and strangers can really lift you up. Remember God uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary. Please pray for Lisa and pray about how God can use you. It is so easy to get caught up in our problems that we forget all of the many blessing we all have. I am praying for you Lisa, stay strong.

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  1. Praying for Lisa and praying for you as you finish packing and make the big move. I hope that the transition is smooth and a great new adventure!


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