Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lot's going on...wow!

Here are some of my favorite people. Here is our small group from church. These people are some of the best people I know! We started out in another group a year or so ago and it grew so big we split off and Rob was asked to co-lead a new group. So neat to see God work in each of our lives and to see prayers answered. We have been there for each other for our ups and downs and I am thankful to have them all.

It is so nice to be able to do stupid human tricks and laugh our butts off together.

Oh and My little Lauren is so cute, I just had to post this picture it got missed in the Halloween pics last blog.

Saying all of this..It is going to be hard to leave friends that are dear. We decided to put our house up for sale a few weeks ago to see what would happen. With Rob being in Pittsburgh so much we knew we were going to eventually try and move over there. He is gone anywhere from 2-3 days per week most weeks so it can be a challenge and the kids miss him. We went to visit the area a few weeks ago and liked it. We actually found a neat house but didn't want to get attached since we wanted to sell first. Between my mom and bff here they told me to list the house and not wait till spring you never know. We also prayed that night that if it is Gods will for us to move the house will sell and we will know we are meant to go and if it doesn't we will stay put. A couple days later a couple looked on a Friday night and we got a offer on Monday. So it looks like we are moving in a month or so. So it has been crazy lately!! Wow, we were not expecting this to happen so fast. So last weekend we went back to PA and that same house that we loved was still the one we loved the best so tomorrow we will hear if we have a deal. I can't wait to blog about this new adventure. Part of me is sad to leave friends and what is comfortable but part of me is super excited to have a more normal family life with less travel and to enjoy a new adventure. The kids are a little nervous and somewhat excited. So here we go again. So that is our crazy life lately. Lots of fun to come and looking forward to a new adventure. Jaden said it best "Mom when it is God's will it goes fast." The wisdom of Jaden is remarkable.

The kids enjoyed a great season of Upward Soccer. All three played and had a blast. Lauren was more then thrilled she could actually play a team sport. She now thinks she can do everything the boys do. We signed the boys up for Upward basketball and she was not old enough and she threw the mother of all fits one for the record book. It was actually sad she just wanted to play so bad but did not understand the age restrictions and told me she is not 4!!! Over and over lots of yelling and tears, poor baby.

My handsome Jaden

She is so proud. She is a good little athlete but was a little confused on which way to go and sometimes would purposely fall and roll in the grass a while. My brain is a fog and I am getting tired but wanted to share all the excitement. Looks like I have lots to do this month. We will move in right before Christmas if all goes well. Thanks to friends on Facebook who prayed for me this week. I was so overwhelmed, Rob gone, two sick kids..and working on selling this place and fearful of not knowing where we were going to live next month. It is all coming together and I need to trust that God will take care of us and knows all our needs. Each day I can only do my best and He will do the rest.


  1. Wow! That's great news for you Katie! A quick sell in this market is a definitely a gift! It will be so nice for you to have your husband with you and the kids. Best wishes!


  2. Jaden *DID* say it best! And as someone who has moved 7 times in 11 years, with never more than 3-4 weeks notice, fast is GOOD. Crazy, but good. :-) I like to get the show on the road. :-P

  3. You definitely know it's a God-thing when it goes that fast, especially in this market. Jaden is so wise beyond his years. I pray the move goes smoothly for you and that you will love your new home and town! Can't wait to see and hear all about it!!

  4. You will only be two hours from me :)


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