Monday, November 28, 2011

Elf On The Shelf

I am having a lot of fun with our new Elf friend Buddy. Have you ever heard of this fun tradition? It is a lot of fun for the kids and it really helps behavior, ha ha. The kids named our elf "Buddy" the elf. Fitting since our favorite family movie is The Elf. Buddy has been showing up in a new area each day reporting back to Santa or mom,hmmm...Buddy and I are tight.
The kids found him in the birdcage. This is one of my favorite decorating pieces. Seems odd to have a large birdcage in my living room with no bird but I use it as a statement piece it really is cool. It is 3ft tall or more. I love finches so maybe someday I will actually use it.


He even showed up in my car one day where we have some of our greatest behavior. Mom's you know I am lying right now. I like to use my radio in the car we will leave it at that.

We stayed home this year for Thanksgiving because of packing and all the junk we have to get done before moving. I missed seeing my mom but we really needed the time to get work done. We were invited for a fabulous Thanksgiving feast 10 min away at my BFF Jackie's house. She did such a beautiful job with her place settings. The food was so good too, seriously awesome food. I brought my camera to take pictures and only managed this..I wish I would have got some pictures of all of us.

When we got home I took this picture of Lauren because she just looked cute. She is so cute and ornery as they come. Our tree looks so sad this year. Right when we get over to PA we are putting up a tree but for now I am using this little tree. So far things have been weird this year not pulling out the decorations yet, I am usually in full swing by now. I haven't done any shopping and don't know when I will get to it. I figure I will go to Toys R Us once we are there and work all night long wrapping and decorating. Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. Jackie and I also saw the new Twilight movie. With our own subtitles throughout the movie it was fabulous but without them I don't know how great it really was. They are defiantly milking the saga out now. I have been a little depressed thinking about leaving our life here. I know that it is for the best but it is hard to start over again and leave friends. I know God will provide for us and I am excited about the future it is just the transition time that is so hard. I better go pack some more. Love you all!!


  1. Katie I will miss you more than you know!!! Makes me so sad. However I am really happy for you. I know this is best for your family. We will always be friends. Thank you for being such an amazing influence!!!! I love you so much!!


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