Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life with kids

I finally downloaded some pictures from my phone. What a great invention, I don't think I could live without my phone these days. This picture was from this summer and is so cute I think. I spend a lot of time with my dear friend Jackie. We have lots of fun sharing our motherhood journey together. Her kids are adorable and similar ages of mine. We talk about everything and we laugh a lot.
My blog is for my kids to read someday and I hope they enjoy all the stories and adventures we did. This picture is a really funny memory. Jackie and I with our kids were all going to the park upon entering we saw this little guy. As we got closer my city kids not by choice and myself saw this white squirrel.. I mostly was the excited one I have never seen one like this. I say "Look a White squirrel!" and Lauren runs a head and spots a gray one and says "Look a Chocolate one" It was really cute and we laughed and laughed. The stuff kids say takes me to the floor laughing at times. It can be embarrassing at times too. I have been teaching Lauren about healthy choices and how we need to eat fruit and vegetable's and how ice cream is good but not all the time. I could not think of a way to explain it but then though of the analogy that you will be unhealthy and get big like Ursula (Little Mermaid) if you eat all junk. Now she goes around saying that if you eat to much junk food you will get Ursula booty. Please God don't let this come back to haunt me.
Lauren thinks she is so funny and she is. She loves mannequins.

My favorite Store Pottery Barn, do you see Drew? Him and Jaden always stand in store fronts and pretend they are mannequin's. People always laugh and think they are cute. I suppose that is a good quality.

Where is Jaden?

See what I mean!

They are so fun. Do you ever hear your kids repeating the same stuff you say to people? When they say they are always listening they are.

This week has been crazy already. We are thinking about putting our house up for sale now till Christmas and seeing what happens. Then if it sells we may just rent till we know where we want to live in the Pittsburgh area. The market is still bad here so it is a sad reality of loosing every penny you put down on your house, yuck. It is minor setback but it will all workout. So let the fun begin this may be stressful so I am going to sit back and laugh a lot!!


  1. I love how your kids use their imagination!

    Good luck on selling your house!

  2. Katie,

    Your messages did come through. I have noticed that I have trouble making comments on blogger as well. She is wearing a 4.5 and needs both church shoes and walking shoes.

  3. So funny how they pretend to be mannequins. Lily loves the mannequins too :D Hilarious about Ursula booty. Haha! Good luck selling your house.....I know how that is and I hope it all works out for you!!


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