Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dream House

I save all these neat pictures of houses and other decor on my computer. I found these a while back and wanted to share these awesome houses. This is one of my favorite styles of houses. I believe these houses were from the Hampton's. A perfect combination of craftsman, beach and classic. I have no idea if that is correct but it seems to go.

This is great!

Lovely!! Okay I am sure this is a million plus house but a girl can dream right.

I think this was from a different house but this is eye candy to every mom!!

Love this floor

That is the dream door. Look at all the molding and neat closet!!

What a neat feature

I Loved these pictures. I see so many people on blogs that do molding in there homes and it looks easy but I am not sure if it as easy as it looks. Wondering if any of you blogger's have done any of this sort of molding in your homes? The wheels are spinning on buying a house that needs a major update or even building a classic home and adding molding little by little to create something similar. If you have custom built I would be interested in hearing your experience. I like the idea of remodeling a house but I am a bit nervous about knocking down walls and redoing a huge area. I figure if we can find a house that is newer on a wooded lot that would be ideal but also thinking about buying a home in a established neighborhood and re-doing it. Not sure If I can handle the clutter of it though. Please share your thoughts and ideas before I get myself into a disaster.


  1. I love your inspiration photos, Katie. I think darkish hardwood and light walls with tons of molding is so beautiful.

    There are pros and cons of building new, renovating a little and doing a total gut job. But I think the most important factor in moving is the location.

    We have done beadboard and molding in a number of rooms in our house, and it's really not that hard at all. It's also fairly inexpensive considering the huge impact it makes!

  2. Oh wow... what gorgeous inspiration photos! Love, love, love. :) Have not done that molding, but it is beautiful!


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