Thursday, September 1, 2011

New office- trash to treasure

Since Rob works from home now he needed some new office furniture. To me this is music to my ears. I love projects and the satisfaction of changing a space. I however don't like sticker shock but I do like to hunt for trash to re-do. I love vintage decor think Pottery Barn fall catalog. So much of it has a vintage feel so I got my inspiration from them once again. I love to mix old with new and find things that look old but typically have a up to date look or twist. I have a love for solid wood furniture for sure and finding it is not easy to come by anymore. Even the best furniture stores use shortcuts. So next best thing is Craigslist to find vintage pieces and the prices are heavenly!!

He told me he needed a filing cabinet and the only ones I ever see are the ugly metal ones from Staples...yuck or better yet fake oak ones. I could find one easily at PB or Ballard's but that would be $500. Although I love these stores and buy some stuff now and then you can replicate these stores for so much less it is a joke. This filing cabinet was a ugly honey oak. It is not the best quality but it is wood and it was $20. I immediately thought about those neat label pulls and how they would look with vintage numbers on them. So I took it home painted and weathered it, I still have not found the vintage numbers but for $20 it was the neatest filing cabinet I could find.

This is the desk I re-did for Rob's anniversary present this year. He loves my desk but I love it too and love it in my office so I told him I would find him one too. So I found one on CL the guy originally wanted $100 but after a few phone calls about pick up etc he tells me that the top has a split and he only wants $50 for it. Now it did require a ton of sanding, sanding and more sanding. That was no joke!! I love the desk and it had great potential. Rob wanted a dark stain so I figured I would try my mini wax gel on it after all the sanding. It took very nice but required thicker then usual staining due to some of the darker blemishes I found on top of the desk after sanding. There were big black spray paint circles under all the top wood layer. I love mini was gel, that stuff is a miracle. You can use it like paint and it comes out looking just like perfect wood.

I even enlisted two great helpers for a short time.


Our room is so big, it is crazy but it actually works out well for a office. I am so glad we have this extra space. It is actually a bump out above our garage, it makes the perfect office for him and it is quiet.

I spent a total of $80 on the desk and $20 on the filling cabinet. I love trash to treasure!!


  1. Impressive. I like it. :)

  2. Both pieces look beautiful, Katie. You did such a fantastic job! I can definitely notice the detail on the filing cabinet now that it's white, and the desk is so rich looking. Love the R knob!


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