Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Chandelier on the cheap

I have been looking for a new chandelier the last few months. I found a few that I liked but got to thinking that I could make one much cheaper sine the look I wanted was elegant but not to stuffy or formal. I found this cheap $19 new light fixture at Home Depot and thought I could put my black spray paint to action on it.
I wanted a little crystal bling but not to much just a little touch. Found this ornament at Hobby Lobby to do the trick. I just took it apart and attached it to the fixture. It took a few coats of satin black spray paint. People probably thought I was crazy when I had a chandelier hanging from our front yard tree. That is a great place to spray paint something like this though. The shades were from the Christmas Tree Shop they were only $1 a piece, that is a fun cheap store. There is one by my moms house and I believe they are up and coming and moving all over. There is more on the east coast so far though. Check it out if you ever see one. They have lots of stuff, a little of everything and the prices are really great. It is not the best quality or anything but for decorators it is glorious!!

I love it!! $35 total


  1. Katie,

    That is so beautiful! Great job!


  2. you honestly have such a good eye to buy those different pieces just knowing it will all work together. i just don't have that eye! so i end up shelling out the money for light fixture already done. i would rather piece it together myself and save the money! i love it! and hopefully i'm learning from you. :)

  3. Very nice Katie! Love your frugality!!

  4. That looks so great Katie!
    You are amazing.

  5. what? This is so cool! I have been looking around for something like this!!!! But they are so expensive. You have inspired me....your awesome!

  6. Very cute chandelier! And ur entire room looks great! I always love reading your blog. :)

  7. Very cute chandelier. And ur whole room looks awesome. Love reading your blog! :)


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