Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's the simple things

The last few days have been great ones! Last night we went to our back to school night. It is nice to be part of a large community that tries to feel small even though it is big. All the schools are divided up so it feels like a much smaller school district. It is nice because we have gotten to know a lot of the families in our area. So far school is going well. Drew has been a bit crabby getting used to being at school all day. He also has boycotted eating his lunch besides a few crackers since he wants specific things that I can not keep warm for him, think pizza. Lauren is enjoying school and the break for me is nice too. Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for breakfast I love the flexibility with school. This morning God was speaking to me. As I dropped the kids off at school today I just felt overwhelmingly blessed to be able to be a mom and to have the kids I have. I am so thankful to be able to stay at home with them even though there have been many times I have felt like waving the white flag. I am seeing some of the hard work pay off by the character my kids are gaining. The boys kissed me goodbye this morning and walked in together laughing. I felt at that moment I would change nothing!! To feel satisfied is a gift and although I have desires I feel completely filled and grateful for my life even the hard parts that God is refining me in. In small group on Sunday we were talking about money and how it is the love of money that gets you in trouble. One of the questions thrown out was what would you do if you won the lottery. I thought about it and said "I don't think I would want to win the lottery" I am afraid that I would be more selfish and struggle with what God would want me to do with such a excess. We all think we would help so many people and do all the right things but I think it would be a struggle more then we would want to admit. I always pray that God doesn't give me not enough but not to much so that I don't rely on the things to make me happy. I just want to be satisfied in what He has given me big or small. Last night I watched the final episode of Kate Plus 8 and it about made me cry. I remember watching it years ago and how it was a much different family then today. Their life was tougher but they had a lot of faith to see them through and they worked it out and took it day by day.It was such a cute show about a neat family. Yes there was conflicts then like all married couples but Kate and Jon seemed like a real family that had a lot of love. Then a short time later when the fame and money came it became so much more then just a nice family. It saddens me how it all has turned out so far. It doesn't mean that money is bad and it absolutely gives you choices and I am thankful for that! It just seems it is a hard balance for many people and they forget what life really is about. Only Jesus can fill you with that special kind of joy the kind where your cup is filling over. Most things are temporary but I think of the times that I have been truly blessed and it has nothing to do with money or things. I pray that I can always stay true to who I am regardless of my circumstances.
A few things this weekend reminded me of the simple things to be thankful for. We found this adorable baby bird in our front bushes. Actually Champ had him in his mouth more about that later. He was the smallest little guy. I looked online on how to feed him and take care of him since he seemed alone. He was very sweet and friendly. I didn't know what kind of bird he was but found some basic care for him. We mashed up some cat food and gave him some with a dropper. He started flying a little so I thought maybe he isn't lost. We put him back in the yard and he started tweeting. Then mama answered in a beautiful whistle. She came from the tree above and feed him. It was a beautiful sight and to my surprise it was a yellow finch baby!! I love finches they are one of my favorites!!

Baby did fine and is gone but Champ found another one and it was to late for that one. I was so mad at that dog!!

Sunday our library had a Lego building contest. Jaden entered on Saturday and built his own creation. The kid loves Legos and is remarkable at following instructions. This contest was based on creativity which Jaden struggles with more but he was still enthusiastic to enter. In the picture above they had entertainment after the judging. This guy was remarkable he could juggle everything and was so funny. All of this was free and brought so much joy to each of the kids who were involved.

I thought I had to juggle a lot of things in one day!!

Guess What? Jaden came in second place in his age group and won a $20 gift card and some other things. As a mom I was so ecstatic!! I love when good things happen to our kids and it builds their confidence in the right way, thank you God!!! He about cried and was so proud of himself.

Enjoy your week and look for the simple things you will be blessed!!

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  1. You are right! It is worth the sacrifice to stay at home!


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