Thursday, September 29, 2011


Saw this picture on face book today made me stop and think. Lately the Lord has been showing me how wasteful we are as Americans. I don't know how America got to where it is driven by the consumerism more then ever. Watching Extreme Couponing even makes me sad. People are getting a rush out of hording everything for themselves. I was happy to see a few episodes where people donated items or helped friends. We should all make wise decisions about not wasting and coupons are great to help your family it was the excessive people that broke my heart. Most of those people took in way more then one family could consume before it would go bad. Who could ever use 300 toothbrushes and 200 deodorants? I often wonder how much is enough it seems people are never satisfied. We are so comfortable here even with the economy changes people are doing far better then this little boy or girl. What is sad though is if you listen to people most of them are complaining. I will keep this picture in my heart when I am having one of those days that is humbling to admit.

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