Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthday Bash

The boys have such close birthdays they are 2yrs and 3 days apart. I asked them if they want separate parties or together and they once again wanted them together. I have no problem with this, much easier. They are like twins with two years in between them as much as they argue they are as close as brothers can be. I often refer to them as my grumpy old men. They act just like the movie characters at times. This year they wanted Star Wars and Lego's. So what else but Lego Star Wars!! They have a lot of similar friends so it all worked out perfect. I decided to make the cake this year. I looked at the bakery and did not find anything Lego Star Wars only Star Wars and I didn't think they were that cute. So I made this easy cake. It was actually fun and cheap to do. I ordered the ring toppers off of eBay and just went through the boys collection of Lego's to come up with it.
Nothing fancy but they loved it. I love that my boys are so easy to please they are so thankful for most things.

I made light sabers out of pool noodles another Internet idea. Just cut them in half and buy shinny duck tape and electrical tape for the handle. What a hit, literally!!

They boys and Lauren, lol waiting to start games.

Rob is the king of games so I let him be in charge. All the kids loved the games and I think he had fun too!!

Here is my dear husband showing the boys the course of the obstacle course. This man should have been a gym teacher.

Okay nothing is more fun that candles that re-light.

I made the Death Star out of a baseball pinata. I just ripped off all the baseball part and spray painted it with silver spray paint and added a few things. It was so easy too. The things we do for our kids.

Getting ready for the candy.

Lauren and her friend Lizzy

I have no idea why they posed like this but it was funny.

At last presents. They received lots of fun toys!! I am amazed how much the other kids get into the presents. Every party I have observed the other kids act just as excited even when the toys aren't for them. I suppose toys just do that to us (:

Found Lauren on the table getting into the cake after the party with a silly not so innocent smile.

Love this girls style a Ohio State cheer leading uniform with a Little Mermaid Dress on top.

It was a fun time by all.

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