Friday, September 30, 2011

Belated beach pictures

I can't believe I forgot to post these. They were taken when we were at the beach. There were so many taken and they were not edited at all. The photographer was good but for the money it was a hassle dealing with the company. They did not edit any of the pictures and I have not had any time to do it. So here we are straight from the camera. A lot of the magic of photography comes from editing. It is like cheating a bit to achieve the perfect look. A few of them are really cute and I wanted to post these before winter came, ha ha.

My favorite one, so hard to get three kids to be in a good mood and smile at the same time.

It is cold today and rainy so these pictures took me back to my favorite place today the beach.


  1. Ok, I just went down one by one and said "That's my favorite" on every single one. My total favorites are:

    Lauren and boys with Lauren jumping in the air, the family walking away, and..... the feet! LOVE the feet!

  2. Oh my, they are all beautiful!!!

  3. Thee picture are beautiful!! I know that you take pictures on the side and I was wondering what type of editing tool you use. I am starting to take pics and I am trying to figure out what editing tool is the best :-)


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