Tuesday, September 6, 2011

12 yr anniversary date so much fun!

Rob and I had the best Anniversary date last weekend. We celebrated 12 yrs of marriage. It is hard to believe it has been 12 yrs since we walked down the isle. A lot has happened in 12 yrs. We have had three kids through birth and adoption, moved four times, Rob started a new job this year, any many other events. It has not all been easy that is for sure but we have grown as a couple. Starting fresh in new cities is never easy, not having parents close by is hard too. It is neat to see what God has walked us through and how much stronger we have become as Christians.

Sat night was so special!! Rob took me to this beautiful restaurant above. This is the kind of place where they wipe up your crumbs every 10 min and treat you like a queen. It was so nice and the food was great. We had a nice evening of talking and laughing and so much enjoyed our break as parents even though we love it. You sometimes forget why you love each other so much with all the stress of life and parenting. It is so nice to rekindle that romance and fun!!
Rob bought me two books one was The Help and the other was the new Nicholas Sparks book. This post is kind of all over but if you haven't seen the movie The Help, GO!! My BFF Jackie and I saw it a couple weeks ago and loved it. It is such a great movie, it is one of my favorites for sure.

These were another anniversary gift. Nine West has a whole line out of new boots called Vintage America Collection. I really love these boots and I can't wait to wear them this fall/winter.

Another surprise delivered sat morning a dozen red roses!!

Drew is my photographer, his latest career path is to be animal photographer. He loves to take pictures.

My Drew B, he is so sweet.

Towards the end of our date I went over to the make up counter at Macy's and the girl ended up doing my make-up which was so fun!! I wear make-up most day but not a lot and I am not real sure on how to do the eyes just right. The girl at MAC was so so sweet and helped me out, what a fun job. I am not big seeing pictures of myself but I love how she did my makeup.

This first one was at 11:00pm at home and the other two were taken at Macy's with a iPhone.

It is amazing what make-up can do! I am a proud owner of some new make-up and my friend Jackie is giving me more tips and she did my eyebrows the other day. I love friends!!! Only took me into my 30s to figure out some beauty tips, lol.

It was a magical fun relaxing night. I am so thankful to have Rob as my husband. We married young but I would not change any of it. Some might say that it is better to wait till your financially secure or you finish college but I think if you find that special person why waste time. He is taken care of me and the kids, provided for us and has become a Godly man in our yrs together. I am so thankful for the gifts the Lord has given me. I love you Rob!!


  1. Happy anniversary! Great photos! You look very pretty!

  2. So sweet and so pretty too, Katie! I read The Help, but need to see the movie! Glad you had a great Anniversary. We will be celebrating our 12th on Sept. 18th!

  3. You are beautiful Katie! Happy, happy anniversary! You look like you are 15 : ) Love your new boots like crazy.


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