Friday, September 30, 2011

Belated beach pictures

I can't believe I forgot to post these. They were taken when we were at the beach. There were so many taken and they were not edited at all. The photographer was good but for the money it was a hassle dealing with the company. They did not edit any of the pictures and I have not had any time to do it. So here we are straight from the camera. A lot of the magic of photography comes from editing. It is like cheating a bit to achieve the perfect look. A few of them are really cute and I wanted to post these before winter came, ha ha.

My favorite one, so hard to get three kids to be in a good mood and smile at the same time.

It is cold today and rainy so these pictures took me back to my favorite place today the beach.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Saw this picture on face book today made me stop and think. Lately the Lord has been showing me how wasteful we are as Americans. I don't know how America got to where it is driven by the consumerism more then ever. Watching Extreme Couponing even makes me sad. People are getting a rush out of hording everything for themselves. I was happy to see a few episodes where people donated items or helped friends. We should all make wise decisions about not wasting and coupons are great to help your family it was the excessive people that broke my heart. Most of those people took in way more then one family could consume before it would go bad. Who could ever use 300 toothbrushes and 200 deodorants? I often wonder how much is enough it seems people are never satisfied. We are so comfortable here even with the economy changes people are doing far better then this little boy or girl. What is sad though is if you listen to people most of them are complaining. I will keep this picture in my heart when I am having one of those days that is humbling to admit.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthday Bash

The boys have such close birthdays they are 2yrs and 3 days apart. I asked them if they want separate parties or together and they once again wanted them together. I have no problem with this, much easier. They are like twins with two years in between them as much as they argue they are as close as brothers can be. I often refer to them as my grumpy old men. They act just like the movie characters at times. This year they wanted Star Wars and Lego's. So what else but Lego Star Wars!! They have a lot of similar friends so it all worked out perfect. I decided to make the cake this year. I looked at the bakery and did not find anything Lego Star Wars only Star Wars and I didn't think they were that cute. So I made this easy cake. It was actually fun and cheap to do. I ordered the ring toppers off of eBay and just went through the boys collection of Lego's to come up with it.
Nothing fancy but they loved it. I love that my boys are so easy to please they are so thankful for most things.

I made light sabers out of pool noodles another Internet idea. Just cut them in half and buy shinny duck tape and electrical tape for the handle. What a hit, literally!!

They boys and Lauren, lol waiting to start games.

Rob is the king of games so I let him be in charge. All the kids loved the games and I think he had fun too!!

Here is my dear husband showing the boys the course of the obstacle course. This man should have been a gym teacher.

Okay nothing is more fun that candles that re-light.

I made the Death Star out of a baseball pinata. I just ripped off all the baseball part and spray painted it with silver spray paint and added a few things. It was so easy too. The things we do for our kids.

Getting ready for the candy.

Lauren and her friend Lizzy

I have no idea why they posed like this but it was funny.

At last presents. They received lots of fun toys!! I am amazed how much the other kids get into the presents. Every party I have observed the other kids act just as excited even when the toys aren't for them. I suppose toys just do that to us (:

Found Lauren on the table getting into the cake after the party with a silly not so innocent smile.

Love this girls style a Ohio State cheer leading uniform with a Little Mermaid Dress on top.

It was a fun time by all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Drew

Dear Drew,

You are still our little snuggle bug. You have also become a big comedian and have a great sense of humor. You love to make people laugh that is probably what you are best at. You also love to dance. This year you have really got into singing songs on the radio and making your own dance moves hoping to make people laugh. You defiantly are a little charmer with everyone you meet. It doesn't take long to fall in love with you!! You are a good brother and adore Jaden and protect Lauren. It is not surprising to see you holding Lauren's hand or hugging her sitting on the couch together. You are a laid back kind of guy. You are most happy lounging and taking life at your own pace. You are a talented drawer too and enjoy animals. Your newest career path is to become an animal photographer. The only problem so far with that is if you travel the world they might not always have pizza and your a very picky eater but we are working on that. You can be dramatic with food and have a gag reflux to mashed potatoes your least favorite food. Your favorite shows on TV is Star Wars along with all the movies. Your favorite food is pizza and crackers. You love baseball and your favorite team is the Reds and the Yankees. You are really into Babe Ruth and the movie The Sandlot which you love to rehearse the lines to.

You are sweet, fun and have a great personality but can be stubborn at times. You always need another hug and kiss at bedtime. That is okay Drew you will always get another hug and kiss you are to special not to. May God continue to Bless you and hold you.


Mommy and Daddy

*This picture is from this morning, He is the proud owner of two African frogs

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Jaden

Dear Jaden,

Hard to believe you were born 9 yrs ago!! Time sure does go fast. This has been an exciting year for you. Each day your become closer to the man that God is making you into. You have great character and work ethic. We have never seen a kid work as hard as you do naturally. You put in great effort and purpose in everything you do. Almost on a weekly basis we have a adult come up to us and say what a special kid you are and how they love having you in their class. Just today your Sunday school class teacher asked if we were you parents and how special of a kid you were. She said your prayers were so heartfelt and mature for your age. We have always sensed that God was going to do something special with your life and it will interesting to see what He does. You still are our little engineer and love to build your Lego sets. You like order and reading your encyclopedias. You retain so much knowledge and surprise us each day with all your facts. You are a reading machine and your room is now what you call your library. We are so proud of you! You are special and amazing and have touched many with your spirit. Your favorite things to do are Lego's, climbing, hiking, and reading. Your favorite show is anything history or science. Your favorite foods are hamburgers and lasagna. You also enjoy sports and have become a good little runner. When your into the game your are really into it and when your not into it you would rather do something else. You have a wide range of hobbies and seem to be a happy boy. We thank God for you Jaden each day!!


Mom and Dad

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Chandelier on the cheap

I have been looking for a new chandelier the last few months. I found a few that I liked but got to thinking that I could make one much cheaper sine the look I wanted was elegant but not to stuffy or formal. I found this cheap $19 new light fixture at Home Depot and thought I could put my black spray paint to action on it.
I wanted a little crystal bling but not to much just a little touch. Found this ornament at Hobby Lobby to do the trick. I just took it apart and attached it to the fixture. It took a few coats of satin black spray paint. People probably thought I was crazy when I had a chandelier hanging from our front yard tree. That is a great place to spray paint something like this though. The shades were from the Christmas Tree Shop they were only $1 a piece, that is a fun cheap store. There is one by my moms house and I believe they are up and coming and moving all over. There is more on the east coast so far though. Check it out if you ever see one. They have lots of stuff, a little of everything and the prices are really great. It is not the best quality or anything but for decorators it is glorious!!

I love it!! $35 total

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's the simple things

The last few days have been great ones! Last night we went to our back to school night. It is nice to be part of a large community that tries to feel small even though it is big. All the schools are divided up so it feels like a much smaller school district. It is nice because we have gotten to know a lot of the families in our area. So far school is going well. Drew has been a bit crabby getting used to being at school all day. He also has boycotted eating his lunch besides a few crackers since he wants specific things that I can not keep warm for him, think pizza. Lauren is enjoying school and the break for me is nice too. Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for breakfast I love the flexibility with school. This morning God was speaking to me. As I dropped the kids off at school today I just felt overwhelmingly blessed to be able to be a mom and to have the kids I have. I am so thankful to be able to stay at home with them even though there have been many times I have felt like waving the white flag. I am seeing some of the hard work pay off by the character my kids are gaining. The boys kissed me goodbye this morning and walked in together laughing. I felt at that moment I would change nothing!! To feel satisfied is a gift and although I have desires I feel completely filled and grateful for my life even the hard parts that God is refining me in. In small group on Sunday we were talking about money and how it is the love of money that gets you in trouble. One of the questions thrown out was what would you do if you won the lottery. I thought about it and said "I don't think I would want to win the lottery" I am afraid that I would be more selfish and struggle with what God would want me to do with such a excess. We all think we would help so many people and do all the right things but I think it would be a struggle more then we would want to admit. I always pray that God doesn't give me not enough but not to much so that I don't rely on the things to make me happy. I just want to be satisfied in what He has given me big or small. Last night I watched the final episode of Kate Plus 8 and it about made me cry. I remember watching it years ago and how it was a much different family then today. Their life was tougher but they had a lot of faith to see them through and they worked it out and took it day by day.It was such a cute show about a neat family. Yes there was conflicts then like all married couples but Kate and Jon seemed like a real family that had a lot of love. Then a short time later when the fame and money came it became so much more then just a nice family. It saddens me how it all has turned out so far. It doesn't mean that money is bad and it absolutely gives you choices and I am thankful for that! It just seems it is a hard balance for many people and they forget what life really is about. Only Jesus can fill you with that special kind of joy the kind where your cup is filling over. Most things are temporary but I think of the times that I have been truly blessed and it has nothing to do with money or things. I pray that I can always stay true to who I am regardless of my circumstances.
A few things this weekend reminded me of the simple things to be thankful for. We found this adorable baby bird in our front bushes. Actually Champ had him in his mouth more about that later. He was the smallest little guy. I looked online on how to feed him and take care of him since he seemed alone. He was very sweet and friendly. I didn't know what kind of bird he was but found some basic care for him. We mashed up some cat food and gave him some with a dropper. He started flying a little so I thought maybe he isn't lost. We put him back in the yard and he started tweeting. Then mama answered in a beautiful whistle. She came from the tree above and feed him. It was a beautiful sight and to my surprise it was a yellow finch baby!! I love finches they are one of my favorites!!

Baby did fine and is gone but Champ found another one and it was to late for that one. I was so mad at that dog!!

Sunday our library had a Lego building contest. Jaden entered on Saturday and built his own creation. The kid loves Legos and is remarkable at following instructions. This contest was based on creativity which Jaden struggles with more but he was still enthusiastic to enter. In the picture above they had entertainment after the judging. This guy was remarkable he could juggle everything and was so funny. All of this was free and brought so much joy to each of the kids who were involved.

I thought I had to juggle a lot of things in one day!!

Guess What? Jaden came in second place in his age group and won a $20 gift card and some other things. As a mom I was so ecstatic!! I love when good things happen to our kids and it builds their confidence in the right way, thank you God!!! He about cried and was so proud of himself.

Enjoy your week and look for the simple things you will be blessed!!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Can't wait to see this. Our church is starting a whole series on this movie next week. I am inspired and thankful for what one church is doing to touch the lives of so many who will see the film. Encourage your friends and family to see this movie. This looks like a movie that this nation needs right now!!
Make sure you pause my music below before pressing play.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lauren's first day of preschool

Lauren's first day of preschool was today. She went last year and enjoyed it but this year is going to be even better for her since she is really maturing and enjoys learning and making new friends. She may go again next year due to her having a July b-day. The teachers told me yesterday that they recommend kids with summer birthdays to wait another year. Even knowing all her colors and numbers they advised me that in the 5-6th grade is when being the youngest may hurt them maturity wise. So we will see. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. She has changed a lot in the last 6 mo and my oh my does this girl not forget a face or car brand. She can remember all of Jaden and Drew's friends names, cars people drive even in different colors, memories from Disney. Wow!! She is a little mommy's helper too. She likes to clean and follow directions. Yesterday she was helping pick up and she said "I only have two hands to get all of this done" her other favorite line is "You gotta be kidding me" The other very comical line she says is "Ya bubba" I have no idea where that came from but it is so funny when she says it. It is when she is really happy or she scores in soccer. Love this girl!

Here she is with one of her teachers, all of my kids have had this teacher at one time or another. She is wonderful!!

She seemed to enjoy her day she will be going 3x a week. Today they studied astronauts.

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