Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zoo Day

A couple weeks ago my BFF Jackie and I took all our kids to the zoo. It was fun we met in the morning and spent the day exploring everything. Columbus zoo is rated as the number one zoo in America by Travel America. It is a big zoo with lots of walking and many unique animals. My kids all love animals especially Drew who know wants to be animal photographer when he grows up. So cute hearing kids dreams!! He took all the pictures here with animals in them, good job Drew!! By the end of the day I was more tired then the kids but it was great day!!
Here is our group of kids!! They were all so good and play well together.

Jaden and a turtle

Manatee and stingray

Jaden and Drew are so silly. They are always trying to make me laugh.

The kids fed these birds. Beautiful but they love their lorikeet juice and can get kind of mean. Of course for our 1/2 ounce of juice it was $2 or $3 a cup. It is hard to resist feeding them and getting the chance to see them climb on peoples heads and fight over the juice.

Do you see the Koala? Drew is doing good!!

Those are bats! I don't know what kind of species of bats that they are but they were HUGE!

The zoo has a farm petting area that the kids just love. The goats are so fat and sweet. The girls working in this area just stand around and clean up droppings all day, I can't say that I would like that. So clean though.

The boys being silly again.

Back to school in two weeks. It is approaching quickly and summer is coming to an end. I still have a few summer posts to add but our summer fun is over. The school supplies are bought along with new shoes. I bought some clothes but things are picked over. It seems if you go shopping to early everything is summer clothes and then if you wait a few weeks before school starts it is all picked over. We are all excited for the new school year, pencils are getting sharped.

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  1. Looks like fun! We start school on Monday and I think we're all ready to go! :D


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