Monday, August 22, 2011

PA visit with my parents

We visited my parents a few weeks ago, just getting around to posting this. My parents are really fun people. We always have a great time. My mom is a planner and she always has ideas and plans for us when we visit. My parents live in Mechanicsburg, PA. I really like where they live. There is a lot of good shopping and it is friendly nice place. The street they live on is really neat, all the houses have a old Williamsburg style. It is also tree lined on both sides, very charming. My mom found out about a really neat town not to far near Lancaster, PA called Lititz. Talk about a movie set! Such a cute town, with flower baskets, history, neat shops, duck pond, brick roads. It is probably one of the neatest towns I have been to. Lots of cute custom shops, one of kind stuff. They have a pretzel factory there too where you can take a tour of how they made pretzels in the old days. The kids really liked the history and neat old buildings. I love PA it seems to be a very neat state with tons of history. I never thought I would like more of the East Coast feel but I do. People are genuine and it has a good feel.
These were at my parents house. Grandpa and the boys.

Lauren and her Nana. Lauren loves Nana!!

We made our own pretzel at the 1800's factory.


See how neat?

Jaden looks like a ghost here but I love this door and architecture.

Love you Mom! My mom is beautiful in so many ways. I wish you all could meet her you would be blessed.

Nan and her Drew B

My mom has the cutest car. It is a Mini Cooper. It is fun to drive, I was surprised how sporty it is. We call it her Go Cart On Steroid's!! Drew and Lauren loved it!! I took some picture on my phone of them giggling with their hands up going down the road.

The back seat is so small but the kids fit fine.

We had a great time and I found a few treasures. Looking forward to seeing them soon.

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  1. YAY for happy family vacays! And that town is adorable!!! I would be all over the pretzel business!!! :-D


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