Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to make a huge kids map

When I was at Jo-Ann Fabrics one day I came upon this map fabric. It was super cute and I thought I could make something out of it. I love educational toys and my kids love maps so I had an idea... I thought about framing it in big frame but then realized that to find a frame this large it would first be a ton of money and second I wanted a more custom look. So this week I finally got to this...It was fun!! I bought a huge piece of plywood to hold the map on as a base for the back. At Home Depot and Lowe's they will make cuts for you. I learned that from blogland and I am so glad they do this service, it sure works out well considering I don't really want to buy a big saw.
So far the map was around $5 on sale, and the plywood was $7. I brought the map with me to Home Depot and made a guess on how much overlap of wood I wanted on the sides to hold the molding.
I then glue gunned the map down only on the edges. Make sure you stretch it so that there are no wrinkles, oh and I ironed the map really well before I stuck it on the board.

The molding I bought was for doors/windows in white. I bought a big piece for $10 to frame in the map. I used this adhesive above to stick on the molding. I had to make the cuts to fit and used this old saw to do it. My husband was out of town or he would have and I would recommend that instead but of course I could not wait. I also bought the corner pieces so the molding would be easy to match up, those were $5 total

Here it is almost done, just have to get the glue to adhere. Can you tell there is a baseball fan in the house?

Yeah!! It is really cute and will look so neat in our playroom someday. I would like to have a clean bright playroom for the kids hopefully in our next house.

So cute, love the detail

This is how I decided it hang the map. It is really large maybe 41/2 ft by 3 ft? Not sure but big and will look great on a wall. So if your interested in a wall filler that kids will love this might be up your alley. The total cost was less the $30.

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