Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flower and Bows, Oh My

I have had a little bit of creative energy this week. I decided to pull out some stuff to make some new flower headbands. I love hair accessories! That is one the joys of having a girl. I think they just make an outfit. You can take an okay outfit and turn it super cute with a great bow or headband. Living in the south for a couple years really gave me bow fever and now it has turned into a full fledged epidemic for me. I started making flower headbands when Lauren was a baby after seeing them a few places on the Internet for $20 a flower. For only about $2 or less I decided to make my own. Lauren gets lots of compliments and I feel proud to make them for her.
I want to share how I make them..So easy by the way this not a skill
1. Start with a bunch of silk flowers, different prices get better quality (Hobby Lobby 50% off)
2. Take them apart and get rid of the plastic stem and back. If you don't remove that it will be uncomfortable to wear and not lay correct. You can just rip that off or cut it off.
(the plastic thing)

4. Buy some alligator clips and use your glue gun to wrap some ribbon around the top part.

5. Glue each piece of flower on top of each other. There may be a little bit of plastic inside to help it look a little more puffy or you can leave it flat. Glue the center of the flower in the middle

6. You can find these at Hobby Lobby as well. I like to use the alligator clips so you can interchange the flowers or you can just glue flowers right to the headband.

7. Add a little bling if you want to make it sparkle, that is it!


I didn't think I could figure out how to make the bows like boutiques but I messed around with the ribbon and it worked. I don't think they are perfect but it was not as hard as I thought once I started making a few. I think every bow maker has their own style. I really think they turned out cute. So give it a try...


  1. These are beautiful! I want to try and find some cute smaller flowers for Sweet Potato Pie's hair. We have two large flowers, but they are really too big to wear just in her hair. They are great on a hat though. One problem I have with ordering bows online is that people tend to cover the entire alligator clip in the ribbon. That is very pretty, but the clips will not stay in her hair with the ribbon on them. The texture of her hair works better with the bare clip. You learn as you go! :)

  2. Those turned out super cute! I loved making hair accessories too....I just had a hard time narrowing down which direction I wanted to go with it as far as my business was concerned. But, every time I think about what I might want to do if I opened up my business again, hair accessories are always what seems to be the most fun! Ribbon is so much fun, with all the different prints and colors they have now!

  3. UMMMM these are BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW!!!!


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