Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Attack of the killer geese and a fun sleep over

Last week we were greeted by a heard of geese and ducks. I thought it would be fun to give them some old bread and let the kids go on a nature walk. I really like birds but my goodness these geese were ravenous acting, they came out of the woodwork when they saw the food and they swarmed us. My sweet idea of the kids feeding the ducks turned into a nightmare for the kids, seriously.
The ducks were much more gentle, and took food from our hands. The geese were scary! It reminded me of the movie The Birds, they were hissing and eyeballing us to give them food and they meant business or else. Poor Lauren...My poor baby. I know this is so so traumatic..
At this point her and Drew were crying and climbed on the picnic table to safety. Once we threw all the food, we tried leaving the scene but the followed us for more.

Pretty bird, but I am not messing with these things again. I am afraid my kids are traumatized for life. They finally retreated and left.

We had friends spend the night a couple weeks ago too. My good friend Jackie's boys came over. They had a great time. They made a maze for Fluffy Bun.

Two cute little boys

The best pet ever, Fluffy. She is so sweet, and getting so so fat! I told Jaden to ease off on the veggies. I guess they call them guinea pigs for a reason.

We had a great week this past weekend. We went to PA to visit my parents, went to Hershey Park, and did some shopping in a neat town. We also drove through Pittsburgh to decide where we are going to be moving in the next year or so. It is a beautiful state and is a great place to live so we are excited. The summer is almost over ): It has gone much faster this year then the past. We still have a few weeks left of fun. I can't believe I have a 3rd Grader, a 1st Grader and a preschooler. Life is good. I feel recharged as a mom lately and I am enjoying the kids. There are still plenty of tough days but I am enjoying them so much and I savor each day as the years are going by faster and faster. I miss them when they are at school and I think about them all the time but also some quiet time is nice. My mom was right when she said once they are in school time goes even faster, it is true.


  1. Poor kiddos! That's so crazy!

  2. Geese are scary! But don't let them intimidate you.. have canada geese removal NJ give you a hand.


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