Monday, August 29, 2011

1st day of school Jaden and Drew

Today was the first day of school for the boys. Hard to believe I have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader. It was a fun morning and they were so excited. They both like school and they were ready to go!! Summer was fun but they miss their friends and learning. Both of their teachers were very sweet so they were thrilled. Lauren was of course made she could not ride the bus this morning. She starts preschool next week.

My big boy

Drew B, poor kid has allergies so bad this time of year. Hopefully next week he will be his old self. His eyes get so swollen and he sneezes. I believe it is tree mold that is the culprit.

New backpacks and shoes, so fun.

They love daddy!

I love these boys, I am so proud of the little men they are becoming.. They have good hearts and love Jesus.

Can't wait to hear all about how their day went. This weekend was so busy but fabulous. Rob and I celebrated our 12 yr anniversary. I have pictures to come. I also re-did an old desk for him for his office. It has been so busy but all good things. More to come...

Monday, August 22, 2011

PA visit with my parents

We visited my parents a few weeks ago, just getting around to posting this. My parents are really fun people. We always have a great time. My mom is a planner and she always has ideas and plans for us when we visit. My parents live in Mechanicsburg, PA. I really like where they live. There is a lot of good shopping and it is friendly nice place. The street they live on is really neat, all the houses have a old Williamsburg style. It is also tree lined on both sides, very charming. My mom found out about a really neat town not to far near Lancaster, PA called Lititz. Talk about a movie set! Such a cute town, with flower baskets, history, neat shops, duck pond, brick roads. It is probably one of the neatest towns I have been to. Lots of cute custom shops, one of kind stuff. They have a pretzel factory there too where you can take a tour of how they made pretzels in the old days. The kids really liked the history and neat old buildings. I love PA it seems to be a very neat state with tons of history. I never thought I would like more of the East Coast feel but I do. People are genuine and it has a good feel.
These were at my parents house. Grandpa and the boys.

Lauren and her Nana. Lauren loves Nana!!

We made our own pretzel at the 1800's factory.


See how neat?

Jaden looks like a ghost here but I love this door and architecture.

Love you Mom! My mom is beautiful in so many ways. I wish you all could meet her you would be blessed.

Nan and her Drew B

My mom has the cutest car. It is a Mini Cooper. It is fun to drive, I was surprised how sporty it is. We call it her Go Cart On Steroid's!! Drew and Lauren loved it!! I took some picture on my phone of them giggling with their hands up going down the road.

The back seat is so small but the kids fit fine.

We had a great time and I found a few treasures. Looking forward to seeing them soon.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zoo Day

A couple weeks ago my BFF Jackie and I took all our kids to the zoo. It was fun we met in the morning and spent the day exploring everything. Columbus zoo is rated as the number one zoo in America by Travel America. It is a big zoo with lots of walking and many unique animals. My kids all love animals especially Drew who know wants to be animal photographer when he grows up. So cute hearing kids dreams!! He took all the pictures here with animals in them, good job Drew!! By the end of the day I was more tired then the kids but it was great day!!
Here is our group of kids!! They were all so good and play well together.

Jaden and a turtle

Manatee and stingray

Jaden and Drew are so silly. They are always trying to make me laugh.

The kids fed these birds. Beautiful but they love their lorikeet juice and can get kind of mean. Of course for our 1/2 ounce of juice it was $2 or $3 a cup. It is hard to resist feeding them and getting the chance to see them climb on peoples heads and fight over the juice.

Do you see the Koala? Drew is doing good!!

Those are bats! I don't know what kind of species of bats that they are but they were HUGE!

The zoo has a farm petting area that the kids just love. The goats are so fat and sweet. The girls working in this area just stand around and clean up droppings all day, I can't say that I would like that. So clean though.

The boys being silly again.

Back to school in two weeks. It is approaching quickly and summer is coming to an end. I still have a few summer posts to add but our summer fun is over. The school supplies are bought along with new shoes. I bought some clothes but things are picked over. It seems if you go shopping to early everything is summer clothes and then if you wait a few weeks before school starts it is all picked over. We are all excited for the new school year, pencils are getting sharped.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flower and Bows, Oh My

I have had a little bit of creative energy this week. I decided to pull out some stuff to make some new flower headbands. I love hair accessories! That is one the joys of having a girl. I think they just make an outfit. You can take an okay outfit and turn it super cute with a great bow or headband. Living in the south for a couple years really gave me bow fever and now it has turned into a full fledged epidemic for me. I started making flower headbands when Lauren was a baby after seeing them a few places on the Internet for $20 a flower. For only about $2 or less I decided to make my own. Lauren gets lots of compliments and I feel proud to make them for her.
I want to share how I make them..So easy by the way this not a skill
1. Start with a bunch of silk flowers, different prices get better quality (Hobby Lobby 50% off)
2. Take them apart and get rid of the plastic stem and back. If you don't remove that it will be uncomfortable to wear and not lay correct. You can just rip that off or cut it off.
(the plastic thing)

4. Buy some alligator clips and use your glue gun to wrap some ribbon around the top part.

5. Glue each piece of flower on top of each other. There may be a little bit of plastic inside to help it look a little more puffy or you can leave it flat. Glue the center of the flower in the middle

6. You can find these at Hobby Lobby as well. I like to use the alligator clips so you can interchange the flowers or you can just glue flowers right to the headband.

7. Add a little bling if you want to make it sparkle, that is it!


I didn't think I could figure out how to make the bows like boutiques but I messed around with the ribbon and it worked. I don't think they are perfect but it was not as hard as I thought once I started making a few. I think every bow maker has their own style. I really think they turned out cute. So give it a try...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to make a huge kids map

When I was at Jo-Ann Fabrics one day I came upon this map fabric. It was super cute and I thought I could make something out of it. I love educational toys and my kids love maps so I had an idea... I thought about framing it in big frame but then realized that to find a frame this large it would first be a ton of money and second I wanted a more custom look. So this week I finally got to this...It was fun!! I bought a huge piece of plywood to hold the map on as a base for the back. At Home Depot and Lowe's they will make cuts for you. I learned that from blogland and I am so glad they do this service, it sure works out well considering I don't really want to buy a big saw.
So far the map was around $5 on sale, and the plywood was $7. I brought the map with me to Home Depot and made a guess on how much overlap of wood I wanted on the sides to hold the molding.
I then glue gunned the map down only on the edges. Make sure you stretch it so that there are no wrinkles, oh and I ironed the map really well before I stuck it on the board.

The molding I bought was for doors/windows in white. I bought a big piece for $10 to frame in the map. I used this adhesive above to stick on the molding. I had to make the cuts to fit and used this old saw to do it. My husband was out of town or he would have and I would recommend that instead but of course I could not wait. I also bought the corner pieces so the molding would be easy to match up, those were $5 total

Here it is almost done, just have to get the glue to adhere. Can you tell there is a baseball fan in the house?

Yeah!! It is really cute and will look so neat in our playroom someday. I would like to have a clean bright playroom for the kids hopefully in our next house.

So cute, love the detail

This is how I decided it hang the map. It is really large maybe 41/2 ft by 3 ft? Not sure but big and will look great on a wall. So if your interested in a wall filler that kids will love this might be up your alley. The total cost was less the $30.

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