Friday, July 15, 2011

Swim lessons

The kids had a great week. Here is Drew diving in the deep end. There is something scary about the deep end for kids. The teacher bribed him a bit but all in good fun. It seems with all my kids that they have a fear over new things but once they do it they are fine. Drew is still a bit nervous swimming. Jaden got over it last year and is doing well now.
Here is Lauren jumping in, baby steps..

Here he goes... These are a little out of order

Drew's teacher was great! He reminds me of a older Drew. He was so sweet with Drew it made me so happy.

Here he is doing a flip for Drew since Drew jumped in the deep end. Serious mad skills.

There is Jaden!! Wow, that is high. I am proud of Jaden he is really a brave little boy. He does trust us when we explain what will happen etc..and he is always trying his best.

Again...and again..

Way to go Jaden

Lauren had the sweet teacher...She was great too. Lauren just wanted to hug her the whole time and not let go but she made her walk around and move her legs and reach for toys. She even went under water a few times.

We never got a picture of Jaden's teacher but he learned how to dive this week or attempted anyway. Each summer they get better and better. Looking forward to having a pool someday, I think the kids would have a lot of fun.

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  1. So cute! Swimming & Summer are two of the best things to enjoy in life. ;)


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