Thursday, July 14, 2011

One of my favorite finds

A few weeks back I went to a yard sale near my house. There were two right next to each other. I saw this shelf sitting next to the garage when I got there and the lady having the sale said she just bought it from her neighbors sale. It was marked only $10. Darn it, I was just a few minutes to late. I joked I would pay her $15 but left. I had that feeling of "why didn't I offer her $30 and tell her I was serious" I felt like a serial stalker at this point but I found her sale on Craigslist and sent her a e-mail saying that if she changed her mind about the shelf I would be willing to pay more. I promised her I was not some weirdo but a home decorating junky (: There is probably something weird about being a junker. I swear the neatest things I have found for my house has been from yard sales, and thrift stores. I tell my husband I never look for anything in particular the neat stuff just finds me. We get a good laugh over my thoughts anyway. It seems to be true.

Anyway...she was the nicest girl ever and she said come get it. She decided it really didn't match her decorating. I guess my persistents paid off, my thought was that it might go back in the sale tomorrow if she thought twice about it and I would miss it so it didn't hurt to ask. She gave it to me for $10. We get to talking and it ends up she is friends of friends of mine..small world.
Some off white paint and I have a neat old window/bead board cubby. It is pretty heavy so I put it on a dresser and used one of those rubber mats to hold it up. I added some new shells on I bought on vacation. Really neat!!

We are having such a beautiful day today in Ohio low humidity and sunny, kids had swimming today, and VBS again tonight. Good Day!


  1. This is so you!!!! LOVE IT!!!! I think we should make a few of these!!!! Did you think about my wainscoting idea?

  2. That is really neat! I love it :)

  3. Love this, Katie! You always find the cutest stuff. :)


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