Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lauren's party

This year Lauren had a Little Mermaid party. I really loved her cake this year, it was the cutest cake we have had so far. I love all the colors!! Lauren wore her little badge to church Sunday morning and she got lots of "Happy Birthdays" She loves to sing the song "Happy Birthday"

This year she was so excited for her b-day.

She was so cute, when ever one sang she closed her eyes. She was shy acting. So funny how she is shy at times but full throttle other times. She ran and hid behind me when the song was over.

Rob and Me. Our kids are sure growing up!

One of my bff's Jackie.
Jackie is very creative and just started a blog. She is a great mom too!!

We are dangerous together.

My dad and me. Love you Dad!! They drove 6 hrs to come to Lauren's party. Which they could have stayed longer. We are visiting in a couple weeks. The kids love them!!

Some of our guests before the Pinata breaking

I love Pinata's we have them at every party. Not sure how much longer the boys will want one but their mama loves them. I love to fill them with little toys and any other interesting treasures. Rob was always afraid of them, think Funniest Home Videos and Pinata's.

Drew is so sweet and loves his sister.

Sweetest little boy

Lauren and her Nana and Grandpa, she loves them!!

What a way to end the weekend. Our towns fireworks that can see from our backyard, so convenient.

Lauren saw these when I posted them and was mad she missed them. The birthday girl was worn out by 10:00pm


  1. So cute!!! LOVE the cake!!! (& seeing Jackie :-))

  2. That is a super cute cake....and a super cute birthday girl :) Glad she had a great time at her party! How nice to be able to see the fireworks from your house too!

  3. It was a great party!! Thank you for including us!


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