Friday, July 1, 2011

God always shows up

I love these picture of the sky and clouds. My kids have child like faith that I wish I had more of at times. Every time the sky looks like this it does something in your heart and mind. It seems like He gives us a gift which feels like a glimpse of heaven. The kind where you look up and just know that He is watching over us. I love when the rays of sun beam through with streaks from the sky. Drew always says, "look it's Jesus!" He really isn't in the sky but they know He is there, when He smiles on them with His beauty. They love rainbows too, those are Lauren's favorite and each time each one of them says Jesus is smiling at us.
This week I have been reminded of Gods love for Me. I have had three random encounters with christian woman that have lifted my spirits. I have been feeling a little burnt out lately and Lauren threw the mother of all fits at a baseball game the other day. It really wasn't her fault. Her eye was swollen so I gave her benedryl and she had a crazy reaction to it. It made her irritable and so tired. She threw a fit, I mean the kind of fit that the whole ball park on 6 fields turns around and looks fits. She was laying on her stomach hitting her fists on the ground. We came back from our talk and she calmed down and feel asleep within 2 min. She was completely out of it for 2hrs after that with her arms dangling, it was like waking the dead when we left. One of the other moms encouraged me and told my how well I handled it and we talked for about an hr. She was one of the most Godly woman ever. In that same conversation another mom who also was also christian joined in our talk. It was so uplifting and just what I needed. I want to enjoy these kids! Even though it can be challenging at times, God is refining me through them. We are all like onions with layers being peeled away each day to be the people He wants us to be. Such a honor to raise these kids but also what a learning process. So thank you God for encouraging me on my mothering and for bringing complete strangers in my path to show your love.

I love these photos of this fishing dock. I love the colors and how in different light the colors changed. I am always trying to see the beauty in all things.

Same place just different times of day.

Enjoy your day, God is always showing us His love.


  1. It is so easy for people to sometimes label our kids as "bad" or even us as parents as "bad" based on one single observation. We have to remind ourselves that raising children is an on-going process and we are going to have some difficult times, because we're human. You handled it well!

  2. What a wonderful gift to have these strangers show HIS love! I love the dock photos... gorgeous colors! :)

  3. I love this - the beautiful pics and the encouragement from fellow Christian moms! I think that's the most beautiful thing one mom can do for another: edification & commiseration!


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