Sunday, July 24, 2011

fashion fun

I love to shop but with having small kids it has been hard through the years. I try to look half decent when I go out, and I enjoy putting accessories together and mixing and matching. I try to buy classic clothes that are timeless. If I want to buy some trendy stuff I never spend a lot of money on those things knowing it will probably be out of style as soon as I wear it a season. I am not super big on trends but enjoy adding a few here and there. I do love hair clips, rings, and necklaces and of course purses. One tip that has really helped me get dressed quickly and still look put together is have staple pieces in my closet. I have a few things below that may help if you feel like you never have anything to wear or you don't know what looks flattering. I think most of these styles below would look good on any body type and you could mix them up throughout the seasons. White House Black Market is probably my favorite store. They have the most beautiful clothes that are so classic. They are pricey though so I do sales there and I buy stuff everywhere including thrift stores. If you are on a budget thrift stores are amazing, no where can you buy clothes that reasonable with many of them being name brands. It does take time to sort though so that is the big downfall but many of us like to look though racks and get a few laughs and memories (hello early 90's) doing it. Many of those stores help those in need which is another plus. Here is a list of some of my favorite staple items.
I love jean jackets, I don't think they will ever go out of style. Ohio has lots of changing weather so I can put this over a summer dress in early spring and put it on with a sweater in the fall.

Dark denim jean look the most flattering I think. Good fitting jeans are so worth it. Certain brands seem to fit me better it takes some trial and error. I think it is worth a splurge to buy good fitting jeans. If your not sure what looks good ask a sales girl that seems to have good taste and she will help find what suits you. Jeans are something you wear over and over. You can dress them up and wear them with heels. This is one of my favorite looks.

I love ballet flats with embellishments.

I love boots with jeans and dresses for fall/winter

Casual dress, I love this! This is so versatile. You could even wear this with leggings and boots in the fall.

fitted t-shirts. I love these! You can wear them dressed up or down.

Love black heels

Little Black Dress. This is nice to have one hand for almost any occasion that requires to look nice. Black is such a great color it looks good one everyone. The last thing you want to do is go all over the mall to find a dress when your in a hurry so having one of these timeless dresses is the way to go.

Button down dress shirt. You can wear this with jeans, pencil skirts, khaki shorts buttoned up or left open with a tank underneath. One of the best staple pieces of clothing.

I hope you enjoyed some fashion tips, I am by no means Miss fashion and if your looking for the super trendy I am not your girl. These clothes staples I have worn over and over and they work for me. I don't have tons of time to shop and most of our money goes to the kids. It's nice to feel good as a mom and moms deserve to feel and look their best. Even if that means wearing some lipstick, and putting on a clean shirt it goes a long way to feel pretty.

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  1. We don't have one of those stores here that I know of. I guess I'm just a jeans/t-shirt kind of girl most of the time. :)


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