Friday, July 22, 2011

Clean Freak!

Oh I know my faithful blog readers are so excited to read about my favorite cleaning products. WARNING: This may be really boring for some of you so come back tomorrow for a fashion, and makeup review if your more into those. I love reviews. I like to read reviews on Amazon before I buy a lot of products. I think moms like results so usually their input is very beneficial. It saves lots of returns. If you know me well enough my favorite isle at the grocery is the cleaning supply isle. I never used to be so into clean but I guess that mama clean germ came out once I had kids. Now by no means is my house always organized or model home ready but underneath the daily mess it is usually clean. As I was googling these images Pine-Sol also wants you to know about a new study released that says that children who live in clean smelling homes make better grades.

I am laughing but it makes sense, probably has to do more with kids being in a safe environment with caring parent as opposed to ones with bugs, smoking, urine, and animal issues??

I love this new Pine-Sol scent I found it while shopping at Home Depot the other day, it is called Outdoor Fresh. Oh and I am not getting paid, maybe I should be for these plugs, lol.

This smell is awesome, it smells like Downy. I mix this stuff with water and put it in a spay bottle and use it for cleaning off counters.

1. I clean once a week top to bottom and I usually do it on Sunday afternoon when I have help with the kids. I do each bathroom and carry a cleaning caddy with all my junk in it. Once the bathrooms are clean, I just need to dust, and clean the smudge marks off windows and TVs etc..

2. Then I vacuum, and then mop floors after I sweep them. It seems to work well and that is it. I think once you get your house thoroughly cleaned it is just a little maintenance each week to keep it that way. Throughout the week I clean the kitchen just because we spend all our time in there and food gets on the floor, and table. I don't really clean much the other six days, so I can play with the kids, laundry and all the other mom stuff.

I like Windex, I didn't know this till recently but you can use it on carpet stains and it does a great job, it also works on stainless steel.

I love microfiber clothes. Not only do you cut down on paper towels, but they work great. I use them with my Pine-Sol solution and use them to wipe down doors, clean the fridge, wipe the table. They work great for anything.

I love this product as well because it cuts down on the amount of cleaning supplies you need, I am not big on clutter so I this multi-surface spray. You can use it on electronics, stainless steal, glass and wood.

My mom used to always use this stuff and I think it is a classic. It does a great job with toilets, showers and tubs. I use a scrub brush when I do these jobs.

I think this is a staple for most moms. It does a great job on scuffs on the walls and doors.

I love this Shark Vacuum, it was around $160 and it has great suction. It has great reviews and it amazes me each week all the dust it picks up.

I hope you enjoyed some new tips, I am intrigued on how other mothers run their households and I love learning from each other.

I enjoy the satisfaction of a clean home for at least one hr that is about how long it lasts around here but one day I will miss the mess. Life is good, thankful to have so many fingerprints and crumbs to clean!


  1. I'm going to have to find that pine sol scent. I don't even know what scent mine is, but it's way too strong for me. And I love those magic erasers too! And microfiber cloths :) I use a lot of those clorox/lysol wipes, but I like your idea of pine sol in a spray bottle.

  2. What's the best place to get the microfiber cloths?

  3. I am laughing over this post because your home is uber organized and looks gorgeous every time I am there!!! You are very clean!!


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