Monday, July 11, 2011


Baseball ended a couple weeks ago. Rob coached both teams and did a great job. Not only because he is my husband but he is a fantastic coach. Not only does he know baseball like the back of his hand he is also so passionate about helping the kids succeed. He is so encouraging with them and makes them try their very best. The kids just love him too. I had so many parents come up to me and say he is the best coach they have ever had, or did your husband play baseball in the major leagues, lol. I can brag on him since he would never brag on himself, ever. He even got offered a few jobs...helping give private lessons.. How funny he would do it all for free.
Drew is turning into a little ball player. He played up a level this year and did great. He has that baseball gene. He just needs to get a little stronger and quicker. He is not much for being in a hurry but this year I saw him running as fast as his legs would go with his game face on. He wants to play catch all the time and put on the gear.

Here is Drew's team which happened to be the Yankee's (he was thrilled). We had a little ice cream/cookie party after our last game. Rob made nick names for each player as he called them up, the kids loved it.

Lauren, playing with new friends. This picture breaks my heart. These two little ones shown here have a brother on Drew's team and also a baby sister. I met his mom this year and their daddy just past away unexpected last week. Breaks my heart for this amazing christian family. Such a strong christian woman, I wrote about her last week encouraging me and Saturday I had to encourage her. Not much to say but I am here for you. I know this is sad, but you never know in life what will happen next. You also don't know what people are going through so always be kinder then necessary to everyone even strangers.

One of our players dogs, wow!

Go Big D as his daddy calls him now.

He's growing up

Jaden's team was the Houston Astros. Rob's new job is based out of Houston so another fitting team for our family.

Lauren being silly

She would have climbed the top if I let her.

He is a snuggle bug

Jaden is a great hitter! He did very well at tryouts this year. The problem is that is the only part he enjoys. He is still young and that might change we are still trying to find the sports or activity that he loves. Rob never pressures the boys which is a great thing considering there are some pretty crazy parents. Nothing wrong with helping and making sure kids try their best but to pressure them and stress them out is living your dream not theirs. I have seen this every place we have lived and it is very easy to fall into that trap. So as a family we love baseball but we will see if Jaden continues in the years ahead.

This week is going to be a great summer week of fun. All week the kids have swim lesson in the am and VBS at our church at night. In fact I need to make dinner now, but wanted to post our baseball fun from this season.


  1. It is so important to foster their love for the sport, to have a good coach! Great job, Rob!! It's amazing the parents that will get so mad at a coach for being a good, fair coach too. Some parents are insane! We had lots of yelling parents, yelling at their kids, yelling at the coach....but were they willing to coach? No! And yay for the Astros! Ha! :)

  2. I LOVE all this baseball stuff - we, too, had an amazing experience with it this year! :-)
    Shocking and heartbreaking re: your friend's husband - major prayers of comfort!!!

  3. Love it all Katie. Gorgeous pics of the kids!!!


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