Sunday, July 24, 2011

fashion fun

I love to shop but with having small kids it has been hard through the years. I try to look half decent when I go out, and I enjoy putting accessories together and mixing and matching. I try to buy classic clothes that are timeless. If I want to buy some trendy stuff I never spend a lot of money on those things knowing it will probably be out of style as soon as I wear it a season. I am not super big on trends but enjoy adding a few here and there. I do love hair clips, rings, and necklaces and of course purses. One tip that has really helped me get dressed quickly and still look put together is have staple pieces in my closet. I have a few things below that may help if you feel like you never have anything to wear or you don't know what looks flattering. I think most of these styles below would look good on any body type and you could mix them up throughout the seasons. White House Black Market is probably my favorite store. They have the most beautiful clothes that are so classic. They are pricey though so I do sales there and I buy stuff everywhere including thrift stores. If you are on a budget thrift stores are amazing, no where can you buy clothes that reasonable with many of them being name brands. It does take time to sort though so that is the big downfall but many of us like to look though racks and get a few laughs and memories (hello early 90's) doing it. Many of those stores help those in need which is another plus. Here is a list of some of my favorite staple items.
I love jean jackets, I don't think they will ever go out of style. Ohio has lots of changing weather so I can put this over a summer dress in early spring and put it on with a sweater in the fall.

Dark denim jean look the most flattering I think. Good fitting jeans are so worth it. Certain brands seem to fit me better it takes some trial and error. I think it is worth a splurge to buy good fitting jeans. If your not sure what looks good ask a sales girl that seems to have good taste and she will help find what suits you. Jeans are something you wear over and over. You can dress them up and wear them with heels. This is one of my favorite looks.

I love ballet flats with embellishments.

I love boots with jeans and dresses for fall/winter

Casual dress, I love this! This is so versatile. You could even wear this with leggings and boots in the fall.

fitted t-shirts. I love these! You can wear them dressed up or down.

Love black heels

Little Black Dress. This is nice to have one hand for almost any occasion that requires to look nice. Black is such a great color it looks good one everyone. The last thing you want to do is go all over the mall to find a dress when your in a hurry so having one of these timeless dresses is the way to go.

Button down dress shirt. You can wear this with jeans, pencil skirts, khaki shorts buttoned up or left open with a tank underneath. One of the best staple pieces of clothing.

I hope you enjoyed some fashion tips, I am by no means Miss fashion and if your looking for the super trendy I am not your girl. These clothes staples I have worn over and over and they work for me. I don't have tons of time to shop and most of our money goes to the kids. It's nice to feel good as a mom and moms deserve to feel and look their best. Even if that means wearing some lipstick, and putting on a clean shirt it goes a long way to feel pretty.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Clean Freak!

Oh I know my faithful blog readers are so excited to read about my favorite cleaning products. WARNING: This may be really boring for some of you so come back tomorrow for a fashion, and makeup review if your more into those. I love reviews. I like to read reviews on Amazon before I buy a lot of products. I think moms like results so usually their input is very beneficial. It saves lots of returns. If you know me well enough my favorite isle at the grocery is the cleaning supply isle. I never used to be so into clean but I guess that mama clean germ came out once I had kids. Now by no means is my house always organized or model home ready but underneath the daily mess it is usually clean. As I was googling these images Pine-Sol also wants you to know about a new study released that says that children who live in clean smelling homes make better grades.

I am laughing but it makes sense, probably has to do more with kids being in a safe environment with caring parent as opposed to ones with bugs, smoking, urine, and animal issues??

I love this new Pine-Sol scent I found it while shopping at Home Depot the other day, it is called Outdoor Fresh. Oh and I am not getting paid, maybe I should be for these plugs, lol.

This smell is awesome, it smells like Downy. I mix this stuff with water and put it in a spay bottle and use it for cleaning off counters.

1. I clean once a week top to bottom and I usually do it on Sunday afternoon when I have help with the kids. I do each bathroom and carry a cleaning caddy with all my junk in it. Once the bathrooms are clean, I just need to dust, and clean the smudge marks off windows and TVs etc..

2. Then I vacuum, and then mop floors after I sweep them. It seems to work well and that is it. I think once you get your house thoroughly cleaned it is just a little maintenance each week to keep it that way. Throughout the week I clean the kitchen just because we spend all our time in there and food gets on the floor, and table. I don't really clean much the other six days, so I can play with the kids, laundry and all the other mom stuff.

I like Windex, I didn't know this till recently but you can use it on carpet stains and it does a great job, it also works on stainless steel.

I love microfiber clothes. Not only do you cut down on paper towels, but they work great. I use them with my Pine-Sol solution and use them to wipe down doors, clean the fridge, wipe the table. They work great for anything.

I love this product as well because it cuts down on the amount of cleaning supplies you need, I am not big on clutter so I this multi-surface spray. You can use it on electronics, stainless steal, glass and wood.

My mom used to always use this stuff and I think it is a classic. It does a great job with toilets, showers and tubs. I use a scrub brush when I do these jobs.

I think this is a staple for most moms. It does a great job on scuffs on the walls and doors.

I love this Shark Vacuum, it was around $160 and it has great suction. It has great reviews and it amazes me each week all the dust it picks up.

I hope you enjoyed some new tips, I am intrigued on how other mothers run their households and I love learning from each other.

I enjoy the satisfaction of a clean home for at least one hr that is about how long it lasts around here but one day I will miss the mess. Life is good, thankful to have so many fingerprints and crumbs to clean!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Letting kids fail

Oh that stings...But I have found this lesson to be true in the last year or so especially. It is a natural impulse for moms to want their children to be happy and it pains us to see them cry, suffer, fail, not be included or whatever else challenges them. I do believe that we are our children's advocate always and at a certain age we have to be there for them to help them solve problems but then slowly we have a to back off a bit and let them solve problems. My boys get to arguing and it is so annoying at times. How many times a day do I hear "Mom!" what I want to do is solve their problems but I am finding that it is backfiring on me. So I have been trying to teach them to solve problems and think it out and that has made them work it out without my help. Now if a injury takes place that is different(: I can think of so many examples of my kids and if they are anything like your kids they will try to suck the life out of you if you allow them. More then anything I love to be there for them and guide them but the problem is I have always been there for them to much probably. Being a stay at home parent they know that your always there and your available to be right there with them and help anytime. I realized I was doing a dis justice to them by always helping them out of their problems. I don't want to raise selfish spoiled children and I could see some tendencies going that way at times. For example Drew was wanting me to get his clothes every time he got out of the bath and if it was up to him I would still be dressing him in the morning trying to get his hiney out of bed. With Jaden it pains me to see a bad grade on his school work because he is a good student but he often rushes. It doesn't reflect his knowledge just his lazy letters or numbers that can cost him an A to a C- or F even. What about food battles that has been a constant battle in our house with a couple kids. I have started giving them a choice you can eat some of your meal or be hungry I am not going to cater to each persons tastes anymore (sounds like I have experience here)

I have thought about some of the failures in my life and how I have learned some of the greatest lesson about life through them. There is not always a winner and that in life they do keep score. Your boss is not always going to tell you great job when you are working hard but to say nothing and expect more. We do our children a disservice when we cover for them or alleviate the consequences of their choices. I am preaching to the choir!!! It is so hard!! I have seen it time and time again in my own parenting this far some of my mistakes. When they are toddlers and even older most kids think they are the center of the world but as an adult the stakes get higher and our job is not always to let them win but to mold them into well rounded people.. They have to learn failure and adversity now. Down the road when they don't make the baseball team, get that promotion they deserve, or have a friend betray them they won't fall apart.

This was on my heart today and I wanted to share. As we speak Jaden is up in his room because of his negative attitude and disrespect. Parenting is not for wimps. Tomorrow I am going to share some of my favorite things in categories. I love hearing reviews and usually moms are great reviews of products.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hocking Hills

Summer is just passing us by...I took these a while back but amongst other things forgot to post our hiking adventure. This is one of the most beautiful places and it is about 45 min from our house. My boys and Lauren all love nature and hiking. Rob and I do too and spent a lot of our young married life hiking. Something about being out in nature that is refreshing and renewing. Jaden is especially adventurous, I love that about him.
They all climbed up this big rock under a rock formation. Jaden took off on his own to explore more but the other kids stayed close to me.

Half way on the trail you come to this beautiful waterfall. The sun was right at us but you can see the clear water and falls in the background. The kids are learning to skip rocks.

This guy was sitting taking a break and Lauren just sat right next to him mimicking his behavior. It was so cute. She gets lots of attention where ever she is.

Here is Jaden being the dare devil he is

Drew and look below for cute little Lauren

We have about a month till school is back in session, hard to believe. This summer has flown by faster then all the others. We have had some big changes with Rob's new job with him traveling a lot this month and lots of other activities. We still have some stuff planned for this month that should be fun. The end of August will be here before we know it. I love back to school as much as I love summer for different reasons. Hard not to think about it with all the school supplies out already. We even bought a few things early do to the fact that if you don't buy it when you see it will be gone. More to come, I have some fun blogging topics coming up.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Swim lessons

The kids had a great week. Here is Drew diving in the deep end. There is something scary about the deep end for kids. The teacher bribed him a bit but all in good fun. It seems with all my kids that they have a fear over new things but once they do it they are fine. Drew is still a bit nervous swimming. Jaden got over it last year and is doing well now.
Here is Lauren jumping in, baby steps..

Here he goes... These are a little out of order

Drew's teacher was great! He reminds me of a older Drew. He was so sweet with Drew it made me so happy.

Here he is doing a flip for Drew since Drew jumped in the deep end. Serious mad skills.

There is Jaden!! Wow, that is high. I am proud of Jaden he is really a brave little boy. He does trust us when we explain what will happen etc..and he is always trying his best.

Again...and again..

Way to go Jaden

Lauren had the sweet teacher...She was great too. Lauren just wanted to hug her the whole time and not let go but she made her walk around and move her legs and reach for toys. She even went under water a few times.

We never got a picture of Jaden's teacher but he learned how to dive this week or attempted anyway. Each summer they get better and better. Looking forward to having a pool someday, I think the kids would have a lot of fun.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

One of my favorite finds

A few weeks back I went to a yard sale near my house. There were two right next to each other. I saw this shelf sitting next to the garage when I got there and the lady having the sale said she just bought it from her neighbors sale. It was marked only $10. Darn it, I was just a few minutes to late. I joked I would pay her $15 but left. I had that feeling of "why didn't I offer her $30 and tell her I was serious" I felt like a serial stalker at this point but I found her sale on Craigslist and sent her a e-mail saying that if she changed her mind about the shelf I would be willing to pay more. I promised her I was not some weirdo but a home decorating junky (: There is probably something weird about being a junker. I swear the neatest things I have found for my house has been from yard sales, and thrift stores. I tell my husband I never look for anything in particular the neat stuff just finds me. We get a good laugh over my thoughts anyway. It seems to be true.

Anyway...she was the nicest girl ever and she said come get it. She decided it really didn't match her decorating. I guess my persistents paid off, my thought was that it might go back in the sale tomorrow if she thought twice about it and I would miss it so it didn't hurt to ask. She gave it to me for $10. We get to talking and it ends up she is friends of friends of mine..small world.
Some off white paint and I have a neat old window/bead board cubby. It is pretty heavy so I put it on a dresser and used one of those rubber mats to hold it up. I added some new shells on I bought on vacation. Really neat!!

We are having such a beautiful day today in Ohio low humidity and sunny, kids had swimming today, and VBS again tonight. Good Day!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Baseball ended a couple weeks ago. Rob coached both teams and did a great job. Not only because he is my husband but he is a fantastic coach. Not only does he know baseball like the back of his hand he is also so passionate about helping the kids succeed. He is so encouraging with them and makes them try their very best. The kids just love him too. I had so many parents come up to me and say he is the best coach they have ever had, or did your husband play baseball in the major leagues, lol. I can brag on him since he would never brag on himself, ever. He even got offered a few jobs...helping give private lessons.. How funny he would do it all for free.
Drew is turning into a little ball player. He played up a level this year and did great. He has that baseball gene. He just needs to get a little stronger and quicker. He is not much for being in a hurry but this year I saw him running as fast as his legs would go with his game face on. He wants to play catch all the time and put on the gear.

Here is Drew's team which happened to be the Yankee's (he was thrilled). We had a little ice cream/cookie party after our last game. Rob made nick names for each player as he called them up, the kids loved it.

Lauren, playing with new friends. This picture breaks my heart. These two little ones shown here have a brother on Drew's team and also a baby sister. I met his mom this year and their daddy just past away unexpected last week. Breaks my heart for this amazing christian family. Such a strong christian woman, I wrote about her last week encouraging me and Saturday I had to encourage her. Not much to say but I am here for you. I know this is sad, but you never know in life what will happen next. You also don't know what people are going through so always be kinder then necessary to everyone even strangers.

One of our players dogs, wow!

Go Big D as his daddy calls him now.

He's growing up

Jaden's team was the Houston Astros. Rob's new job is based out of Houston so another fitting team for our family.

Lauren being silly

She would have climbed the top if I let her.

He is a snuggle bug

Jaden is a great hitter! He did very well at tryouts this year. The problem is that is the only part he enjoys. He is still young and that might change we are still trying to find the sports or activity that he loves. Rob never pressures the boys which is a great thing considering there are some pretty crazy parents. Nothing wrong with helping and making sure kids try their best but to pressure them and stress them out is living your dream not theirs. I have seen this every place we have lived and it is very easy to fall into that trap. So as a family we love baseball but we will see if Jaden continues in the years ahead.

This week is going to be a great summer week of fun. All week the kids have swim lesson in the am and VBS at our church at night. In fact I need to make dinner now, but wanted to post our baseball fun from this season.

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