Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vacation part 2

We went to a really neat dinner theater. It was formally the Dixie Stampede. Still the same owner Miss Dolly but they transformed this one into a pirate voyage. It seems a lot more fitting for the area.

The kids loved it. They give you tons of food. It was so much food all five of us could have shared one plate. It was kind of hard to eat and watch all the excitement. They had all kinds of diving, acrobats, fire juggling, you name it they had it..

I think the seal was my favorite part.

If your in the area for vacation I think most people would love it.

My boys before the feast.

We went to a lot of theme style restaurants. The kids liked Senior Frogs the best. Such a fun place. I have been to Mexico a couple times and this is the place to go down there. They put one at Myrtle Beach and toned it down a bit for families. It was great family fun actually, I think the night life gets wilder but the kids had a blast. Here is Jaden doing the sprinkler dance, and someone made balloon hats for them.

Jimmy Buffets restaurant had a three hr wait so we decided there was no way!! It is such a neat place though. It is located at Broadway At The Beach which is a really neat outdoor shopping area. It is kind of like a bigger downtown Disney. Rob called it a upscale fair, leave it to him for humor. There are some attractions, games,and rides and some vendors along with neat shops.

Lauren had to ride the Merry Go Round. I hate rides that go around and around. I had to close my eyes as I stood by her. She looks so happy so worth it.

My mom calls Jaden her little king, so this was perfect.

To funny, this reminds me of Dog The Bounty Hunter if only it could have been bleach blonde and frizzy.

There is only so much shopping a man can take.

One of our many crabs we caught. He was mad!!

A few years ago I took this same picture. I want to take one every time we go to the beach to see how much the kids have grown. I love this picture! They are all getting big and all look similar in size. Lauren is going to pass both boys up I think. She is 3 here. Jaden is 8 and Drew is 6. Super model size~

At the beach. Lauren is being difficult to take pictures of lately. We had our pictures taken at the beach and so many of them she just would not look at the camera or just shut her eyes laughing. She is so ornery, and cracks herself up.

Jaden is not much into pictures either.

Mr GQ Drew is to cool for his own good. We were in the car and he knew all the words to the Black Eyed Pea's song and has a dance to go with it, lol!!!

Jaden is funny in the most peculiar way. The stuff he says is so advanced and then he has this running encyclopedia brain to add comments. He marches to the beat of his own tune. Love it!

I would love to have a pool someday. I think in our next house we are putting one in. We all had fun just sitting around and playing in the water.

Okay, this view is not to shabby either.

Senior Frogs

More to come...

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  1. What a fun time! Love the beach shots, what a neat idea!


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