Monday, June 27, 2011

Part 3

Some more beach pictures. I am so happy that I can print all these out into my blog book. I have decided that I will continue to put the kids sports pictures into scrapbooks but I am going to retire doing it for every holiday. I just can't keep up with it and I hate never ending projects. Blogging is different to me, it is a way to express myself and remember all our journeys in diary form. I still print all my pictures out, and burn them onto discs. I suppose it is the photo crazed looney in me. I also send my mom tons of pictures. Just in case we ever have a fire or something, you just never know.(I am serious (: They are my most prized possessions. Thank God for memories but pictures sure help. My mom used to say that the years will fly by and run into each other and you'll think you will remember everything but you won't. That is so sad, but she is right. The last couple years have gone fast.. I can't believe Jaden is going to be in the 3rd Grade. Drew will be in the 1st and Lauren a preschooler. All of a sudden everyone seems so much older.

My favorite place to be!! I love this little dress, my mom picked it out for me (: I am always squinting my eyes, yes I have eyes.

I loved this pier, we found lots of crabs and starfish on the wood.

My boys!! Best buddies most days but we have moments let me tell you. They are my Grumpy Old Men at times.

She is so silly and everything is a new adventure. She make life never dull. Right when I am at wits end she looks at me with her darling face runs to me and hugs me and says..."Mommy I love you and you are my friend." Melts my heart (: She knows how much I love her.

They look so old ):

I have one more section of pictures they are just photography pictures.

We are having a great week so far. Kids are going to VBS at a big church down the road. All three are going! It is going to be a great week of fun for them and a nice little break for me. Summer is just flying by. Almost July already.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful in that picture! Love it!! :) You are right, this summer is flying by!! I can't believe it's almost July!!

  2. I am just as obsessed with sharing & preserving picture memories - absolutely my most prized posessions! (And the beach is my most happy place & I always squint when I smile in pics, too. :-P)


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