Friday, June 3, 2011

Great Birthday!

What a great day I had yesterday. The kids are really getting into birthdays now. We love birthdays in this house. Drew told everyone he knew a week before my birthday that it was coming up. The minute he woke up he was saying "Mom, I am so happy today is your birthday."

Thanks for all the facebook messages, I loved reading each and everyone one of them. I feel so blessed by the wonderful friends the Lord has blessed me with. I have gained so much from friendships!! Rob took us all to Olive Garden my favorite restaurant. Then we walked around the mall a while. See I told you the best birthday!! Then on the way home he got me my favorite a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake. My moms pineapple upside down cake is my favorite all time and that can not be duplicated so this is a close second. The kids picked me out gifts on their own, I got a few things at the mall and Rob was so creative he and the kids made these stepping stones for me. I love them.
It was dark but I put them in the back yard already, so special!!

Rob got me a tool set! Oh and it is pink! He is never mean but gets sick of me putting his tools back in the wrong spots. He is very organized which is actually a blessing for me because he is very neat. He is a little OCD at times though, but I am too at times. Our poor kids.

Rob's little mini me

It is so hard to get everyone to smile and look. I suppose when you have three someone is bond not to be happy about something. We had a Grumpy Old Men scene going on here between the brothers before the picture was snapped.

It was a beautiful sunny day filled with lots of love and memories. I love my family!!

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  1. Glad you had a happy birthday! You are blessed!


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