Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gone Fishing

Today is finally the last day of school for the boys. They are so ready to be done. Last week we went fishing..They all loved it, especially Jaden. Rob taught him how to take the fish off the hook. He had no reserves and we caught a lot of little fish and even the worlds smallest bass which was caught by me (:

And here it is..

There is a professional fisherman that kisses all his fish before he lets them go. Rob told Jaden about it and so now we have a kissing fisherman

Lauren's first fish!! She was scared to death of it. She has a girly side to her even though she acts tough.

Enough pictures mom, Love the forced smile (:

Drew's many fish

They found a frog and they liked him until he....

peed on someones hand

Cute smile with a Kool-Aid stain.

Mr. Adventure. He is a dare devil and loves to explore. I am happy he loves the outdoors

I wanted to post my photography blog

I put a few of the wedding pictures I took on there.

Summer Here We Come!!


  1. So cute!! Morgan just bought the girls fishing poles, but we haven't had a chance to take them yet :)

  2. I've never enjoyed frog's pee, either! It's great to kids who enjoy the outdoors so much! I can't wait for summer vacation to arrive- I'm totally done with making school lunches!


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