Monday, June 6, 2011

Drew's New Room

I love his new baseball room. He sort of inherited Jaden's boat stuff from when he was a toddler. It was really cute actually but there were hearts on it (really small) so it was time for a change. Drew loves baseball and we recently spotted this quilt and could not resist. So I left a few boats and added some new baseball things. We are not short of baseball paraphernalia around here.
He likes the Yankees too so I bought him this print from Target of the stadium and one of Babe Ruth next to it.

A long time ago I made these painting for the boys. I would like to get into canvas painting but I am not really sure how to do the layering etc...I did these years ago but really like them, I found them in Pottery Barn and just copied.

I found this baseball shelf a few years ago from Goodwill and painted it. It used to be Navy. I added some hooks (nails) to hang up the hats.

I love decorating kids rooms so fun!!


  1. So cute, Katie! I need ideas for how to do a boy room! Ha!


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