Friday, May 20, 2011

The Ugliest Lamp in the world..For real

See I told you, no joke (: I saw this lamp at Goodwill in her pink mauve big bad self. Someone was crafty here many years ago, or was it many years ago? I always wanted one of these lamps that you could put stuff in. For $1.99 it was worth a try. So I proudly carried out the ugliest lamp in the world. I took it all apart and that was a little tricky but I was able to get it in pieces.

My favorite thing of course shells since I am a shellaholic. I just love the timeless elegance and natural beauty of them. I have a stash in the basement so I brought them up.

I had this old can of spray paint that is a nice dark bronze color. I first sanded the old fake brass finish so that it would stick and did a few coats.

I bought a $10 shade and now I am a proud owner of a new lamp. I love these sort of projects. The ones that pop in your head with a vision and everything just flows. I also did a few other things in the last day. I love to kill myself and tackle everything at once. Between getting ready for the yard sale I ran into these recreations. Since I just can't let anything sit when my brain is flowing right I dove right in. Sometimes my creativity goes for a while but I had it this week. More to come soon..


  1. love it! how did you get the flowers off the glass? great makeover katie!!

  2. Shellaholic = LOVE THAT! Me, too!!!

  3. I love your lamp! It looks so fantastic... I love shells, too! It`s amazing what some effort and creativity can do... great job!! I found your blog a while ago when I was `blog-hopping` one day. Have a great weekend! Yvonne

  4. Gorgeous! I will be looking for one now. ;) I wouldn't have given that sad little lamp a second thought! Great job!

  5. LOL! For the longest time, my Mom had a lamp like that with seashells in it. I guess she was ahead of the times! :D I'm sure it probably had a country blue lampshade on it though. Haha!


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