Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lot's of Rain

Hello friends....Life has been busy around here. Baseball is in full swing, and the end of school year activities are near. Last week we were blessed by this beautiful rainbow in our backyard. It was a full rainbow that was so big my camera was not wide enough to capture it. It only lasted about 5 min and I am glad I looked out the window when I saw rainbow sky. You know that kind of sky that only rainbows come from where it is really dark but then really sunny at the same time? The kids loved it!! Rainbow's always make me think of God's promises. On a positive note Jaden's rash is getting better so thank you for praying. I am continuing supplements and seeing a difference. I feel much better about it. Last week we also found out Jaden is going to enrichment for reading and we are so proud of him. He is reading 3 books a week on his own. He is a walking bundle of knowledge, I am amazed by his scientific knowledge.

I love the rainbow but the rain has been so plentiful this year I think most of us have had enough. I feel tired today from another rainy day. The green is beautiful though.
you can see a double next to it even, wow!! Best rainbow I have ever seen to bad it faded really quick. Rob was coming home from the store and he said it looked like it was right over our house.

Drew is so darn cute, he loves to draw. His teacher left about 6 weeks ago because she had a baby. He has a sub now that he loves just as much. He made this by himself.

All this rain we have gotten creative. A movie in a tent.

I remember building tents when I was their age thanks to modern conveniences now they have cute butterfly tents. I am amazed at all the neat toys, games, and technology they have for kids. I guess this makes me seem old.

To sunny days to come...


  1. I LOVE the movie in the tent idea! We may do that here soon!

    Beautiful rainbow pics!

  2. A movie in a tent, I am doing that! You always have great ideas, Katie! Beautiful rainbow!!


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