Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! This is such a special day for so many reasons. I feel blessed to have my kids who bring me joy that is like no other.

Dear Jaden, Drew and Lauren,

Today is Mother's Day, and I woke up to three kids greeting me at my bed saying "Happy Mother's Day." I loved each of your smiles and hugs!! We had a great lunch out and I enjoyed all my cards and gifts. I especially loved the hand written notes boys. It is so neat to read your heart felt thoughs. When I look at each one of you my heart swells with pride. I am so proud of each one of you for different reasons. I love you all the same but in different ways. Your all my favorite! Jaden, you make me laugh and your a friend to me. Your wise and witty and very inquisitive. You teach me so much about the world and God's love. You have a spirit that is much older then your years. Drew, you make me laugh too. You are very laid back, funny and likable. You are the life of the party your my little GQ. Today when you were playing baseball with daddy you hit the ball so well I think you have your dad's eye. Lauren, you are my firecracker. You keep my life busy and never dull. Your a sweetie that has a mind of her own. It will help you as you get older. You are going to be a strong woman that can change the world. You are a reminder of God's love to me when I look at your sweet face and see your smile, you are precious!!

Each day bring new joys, challenges and stages. I don't regret any of them knowing that I am becoming the woman God wants me to be. I am humbled by how He is using my precious children to make me love more like Him. My greatest joy in life has been raising and loving each one of you!! I am so excited to see the plan God has in store for you. Each day as I pray over you and with you I pray for your protection. Even though in this life you will have pain and disappointments I pray that you are people of great character. In life their will be many Mt top experiences but in the valley is where you will grow. With God's hand in your life you will have a life with meaning and joy. I hope you all know how special you make my life just by being you!

Love you to the moon and back,


My blog is my diary...this year I printed the last 3yrs I have been blogging into books. These memories are so near to my heart. Jaden had his spring musical a couple weeks ago. He did such a great job. They sang songs from musicals and movies. It was very entertaining and the kids did a great job.

There he is! There were lots of kids and it was hard to find him at first but he spotted us too.

My little tennis star. I love the poises she did for me.

To all the moms reading this near and far Happy Mother's Day. The toughest most rewarding job out there. I have been blessed to have a mother who is not only a great mom but also my best friend. To my other close friends, I could not make it without you. So many times we have laughed, cried and have loved each others kids, thank you!!!


  1. Happy Mother's Day!! You and Lauren look beautiful in those pics!! And the boys are pretty cute too!! :)

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you, Katie! Loved all the pictures of the kids and your beautiful letter to them!

  3. I can tell you love being a mother. That is beautiful. So glad your mother raised you to be a good mother.

  4. Beautiful, Katie! So glad you had a great Mother's Day! :)

  5. Looks like you had a great day, Katie! I could squeeze your Lauren. She is so cute!

  6. Precious pictures. It looks like you are all doing well. I can't believe how much the kids have grown!


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