Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pillows done easy..

Found this great fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics. It was a designer fabric but it was in the remnant bin since there was only about a yard or so. I had a coupon too so it was around $8 from $25 a yard since it was a end piece. I really love this light blue color, it is very spa like. I need spa around here. I wanted something in this blue color. I ripped off some old pillow cases and made covers. I am not a great sewer but I know a enough to get little things done. I did not add zippers or anything like that. These are very quick easy pillow covers.
Turn fabric inside out and sew good sides together. I just put my pillow underneath to see how big I needed, no pattern here. Then I pinned it all down and sewed it all around and left one side open. Then I just sewed it shut. I have a picture below on how to put them hem in so it looks nice.

I had leftover drop cloth from my chair project and used that for the backs. That is great secret since I did not have much fabric. How often do you need both sides in the nice fabric? So the back is a natural color, and I was able to make several pillows this way.

This is the end you need to tuck the fabric under and then sew it up on the side. This would be a great place for a zipper but I was not going to make it that complicated considering in a year or two they will get stained anyway. This will not take you long at all. Now you can buy pillows at yard sales that have horrible covers and use the inserts. This is especially great if they are down inserts. Pottery Barn charges a lot for inserts that are down, that is the thing about buying pillows from there. The cover and the insert, blah...One is bad enough in cost.

Not perfect but cute and they added that color I wanted.

She is so darn cute!! She loves for me to take her picture being silly and then wants to take my picture too.

She has some yuck on her face but still a cute picture of her. She is really growing up. Tonight Jaden has his 2nd grade performance. He is really excited. I have been helping with school, church and getting ready for Easter..Busy lately but all good things.


  1. Your Lauren is so beautiful!

  2. The pillows are beautiful. She is adorable : ) You are amazing with your sewing. WOW!


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